Calculate waiting steps

Blog Post created by 4776c224e84556ba6e97b9afb4bd336e7b9381d8 on Jul 28, 2016

Figuring out all the timing of your campaign can sometimes be the hardest part, even harder when you want to accelerate the testing of it. I have found often that not being mindful of wait steps and calculating all the pieces timing together is where mess ups happen. I am writing this in hopes to help someone else figure this part out before trying to test or getting their tests tripped up in the logic due to timing. It has happened to me a few too many times, so I guess I am also writing them to cement it in my own brain too.


What I mean is: We are pushing info from our system into Marketo via a web service API and then the rest of the information syncs to SFDC and then to Marketo. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for everything to sync 100% from all three systems. That rest of the information depending on the change can also take up to 20 minutes to sync and actualize into my Marketo.

Now if you add to that wait time, the fact that some of the campaigns running that will pick up on and trigger the actions to enact the test... almost always have a wait step in them too! All these pieces need to be added and calculated together.  Here is an example:


So if it is 20 min to sync the first information or for a lead to convert to an opportunity

Then another 20 min for a major change from the product to come through (plan change or so) 

A 10 min wait step in campaign 1

A 10 min wait step in campaign 2

I am looking at a minimum of a 40 minutes to wait before what I am testing will even start to trigger or activate. Now if there is a wait step in that test campaign.. add more time!


If I run my test through all the steps in the first 10 minutes I am going to get tripped up in the logic. Same if I am wondering why in 30 minutes, I do not have the test results. So save yourself a bit of time and headache, figure out the wait steps and your timing before you start to build or test.