• Digital Agency?

    Hi everyone!   We currently use an agency to handle our PPC and SEO efforts, however our current agency is not meeting our expectations. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone I could talk to about a potential...
  • June 6, 2016 Meeting / Data Quality slides

    Here's the slides from today's meeting.  Thanks again, Iryna Zhuravel for volunteering to present on this topic.  You were fabulous.
    Rhonda Ross
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  • Summit Recordings have been posted!

    If you find any topics covered at Summit that you think would also be a good topic for a future UG meeting, please post your suggestions here! Here's the link to get to them:  The Marketing Nation Summit, May 9-...
    Rhonda Ross
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  • Save the date:  June 6th

    June 6th is the date for our next meeting.  Iryna Zhuravel volunteered to share with us how she is using RingLead, and we were able to get RingLead to sponsor a a Happy Hour for us!  Save the date since you ...
    Rhonda Ross
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  • Engagement Marketing

    Attached is a copy of Frank's presentation.  Be sure to check out the last slide which has links to various resources if you want to learn more. No need for our conversation on this topic to end just because our...
    Rhonda Ross
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  • Call for Volunteers for Summit Sessions?

    hey group! thanks again everyone for attending last night - looking for volunteers to take on some of the topics we discussed at last night meeting for summit in just a few short weeks - Metrics/RCA - Account Based...
  • Fall meeting?

    Hey there,   With the fall Marketo release imminent, I'm wondering if it's time for another User Group meeting. I've been ghostwriting some content for another MUG's meetings on the east coast, so I'd be happy ...
    Courtney Grimes
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  • Sales position in SD?

    Hi all,   If you have an AE / mid-level sales position open in your organization and it's based in San Diego or remote, please let me know. I have a great candidate looking for a change!   You can reach o...
  • Updating your Profile + Adding a picture

    Courtney Grimes wins the prize for being the first user group member to update their profile and add a picture.  Courtney, would you be willing to post instructions for how you did this to help out our other memb...
    Rhonda Ross
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  • Marketo Consulting Opportunity: 10-20 hours a week

    Hello, I am new to the group. I looking for a marketing automation expert. Tactical implementation of programs, 10-20 hours a week. Consultant can work remote or out of our Irvine office. Know anyone? Please send me a...
  • Hello- Newbie to the Group

    Good morning everyone! Just wanted to say a quick hello. I have just joined the group and am located in Irvine, California. I look forward to chatting with you all in the future.
  • Automation Recruitment Advice

    Hi community! Our company is looking for a Sr. Automation Specialist, either here in San Diego, or to work remotely.   Do you have any advice as to where I should post the position? I have it in several locatio...
  • If I delete a lead, and they take an action, will they come back to Marketo?

    We've reached our limit for our database, so I need to purge the database of old data. A couple of questions...   What are some best practices for data purging? I'm trying to think of effective, yet safe, criter...
  • How to have Unsubscribe email field prefill?

    My leads are tired of having to type in their email address to unsubscribe. How do I get the unsubscribe form to prefill with their information?
  • Synching Marketo with a Custom Object in Salesforce

    We sell finance software and often have hundreds if not thousands of business user contacts per Account. We want to be able to email these people as business users, but do not want to add them as contacts on the Accou...
    Lauren Nickels-Guinn
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  • Email Program with Test already run - Not send a winner

    I've got an Email Program with test emails that have already run.   I did not select to automatically pick a winner, instead we wanted to manually decide.   We decided after the test that we don't want...
    Megan Emerick
    created by Megan Emerick