• Outlook issue

    Does anyone know why a button link might be working with Gmail and not with outlook? Thanks! 
    Brianna Maczko
    created by Brianna Maczko
  • Marketo Summit?

    Is anyone going to the Marketo Summit in Vegas at the end of the month? Would be fun to network with some SD MUG people! Let me know, and we can plan to get together.
    Daniella Chuckran
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  • Wanted: experienced Marketo consultant

    We're in the early stages of vetting a Marketo consultant who can come in and give us some guidance on reporting, engagement programs, tags, and fundamental optimizations to our instance. Wanted to know if anyone he...
    Kestrel Lemen
    created by Kestrel Lemen
  • SD Mug? Who's on First?

    Hi All, I moved here a bit ago from Florida and would love to be included in the planning of the SD MUG? I am happy to arrange some events if the leader needs help? I am not sure who does what, so just wanted to offe...
  • April SDMUG Meeting

    Hey everyone! Wanted to check in on a possible upcoming meeting later this month around the Marketo certification and preparing for it - we were thinking this may be helpful prior to Summit this year! Thoughts? Any ot...
    Candyce Covington
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  • CRM Manager position at DJO Global - Marketo used as CRM/ESP

    Hello - here is a great opportunity for the right person lead CRM/ESP B2B, Brand and B2C - ecommerce experience required. Position is based in Vista, CA (North County San Diego).   https://djoglobal.wd1.myworkda...
  • Was there ever a Post-Summit Meetup? Will there be one?

    From the thread below, I could not tell if a meetup ever happened. If not, is there still interest? I'd love to meet more of the San Diego users
  • Post Summit Meetup

    Hi All,   Lets get together for some post-Summit decompression, or if you are not going this year to Summit maybe we can hear some stories form those who attended!   Maybe like Thursday May 4th? WDUT? ...
  • Viasat is looking for a Marketo Certified to fill role. Please let me know if you know anyone!

    Please see the attached job req for more information - Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
  • Anyone Interested in going to Social Media Marketing World?

    If so, let us know Social Media Marketing World: Social Media's Mega Conference!
  • Nurture Campaign Question

    Hello,   I have a question and am hoping someone in the group has an answer . If a person on your lead/ target list forwarded a piece of content to a colleague, who was not on your list, and that piece of conten...
  • Hi there, are we planning a meeting any time soon?

    Would really like to meet some other people who use Magento :-)
    Kestrel Lemen
    created by Kestrel Lemen
  • How to tell what day email was opened?

    How can you set up your "Lists" to show you what date a prospect opened an email?  My "Default" report only has "Created" date and I think that is the date we transferred leads to Marketo.   Help!  I'm...
  • Send an Autoresponder before a certain time on a weekday?

    Hi everyone,   Does anyone have any ideas on how to program a flow step to send an email (autoresponder) after a form fill but before a certain time of day? For example, when someone fills out a demo form, I wan...
  • How do I join the San Diego user group?

    Where is the sign-up? I know it's a members only group.
  • next meeting

    hey sorry guys, September got away from us and weren't able to pull together a meeting - as Marketo wanted us to do for the ABM launch party. Looking at calendars with Rhonda Ross looks like the first Monday in Novemb...
    Candyce Covington
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  • Surveys Built Into Emails

    Any positive or negative experiences with building email survey's in either Marketo or a third party app that integrates with Marketo? I would like to be able to leverage the survey results as content later in other a...
  • Next SD User Group Meeting

    Hey group, we are trying to plan the next user group meeting - looking at Sept 26th, does this work for everyone or should we push to October? Also are there any pressing topics that anyone would like to discuss? Plea...
    Candyce Covington
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  • Looking for someone to join my team!

    Anyone looking for a new opportunity on a growing and busy demand (marketing) operations team in San Diego? Send me your resume if so!   Candyce
    Candyce Covington
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  • ABM Launch Party - Anyone Interested?

    hey group! Trying to identify how many people are interested / would be available to attend the ABM launch viewing at our offices here at Illumina on Sept 13th from 2-4?   Please let me know as we are trying to...
    Candyce Covington
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