• Reintroducing Mid-stream Content in an Engagement Program

    Hi all, I have a situation where emails have been removed from a stream and new content has been added back.  A specialist was updating emails from V1 to V2.  New emails were created and replaced their resp...
    Max Garrett
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  • Anyone interested in a new opportunity?

    I'm looking for a Marketo expert who is excited to join a small company as it grows. Let me know if you know anyone outside of this group but in the Lehi area who would be interested:  https://saltstack.bamboohr....
    Ryan Smith
    created by Ryan Smith
  • Salt Lake City Roadshow - Feedback Request

    Salt Lake City has been chosen as a location for the upcoming Mini Conference Series (also known as roadshows). Think of this as our annual Holiday Marketing Event, except Marketo is helping us to expand the content a...
    Trent Cross
    created by Trent Cross
  • [Job Opening] - Marketing Automation Manager - Ken Garff Automotive Group

    Hello Salt Lake Marketo experts,   Ken Garff Automotive Group is looking for a Marketing Automation Manager.  We are almost finished with our onboarding and implementation of the Marketo instance and need s...
    Nate Sato
    created by Nate Sato
  • Looking for a new job?

    Hey guys,   I've got a company looking for a great automation/operations manager. This is a smaller company needing to start the automation from the ground up. Let me know if you know anyone looking. Thanks! &#...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Needing a local Marketo consultant ASAP to help us optimize our instance.

    Hey All,   I am looking for some direction on who locally is amazing at coming in and doing a full audit of a Marketo instance and can present recommendations for optimizing and maximizing our use.  I would...
    Shane Adair
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  • Introduction to Marketo slides

    Hello,   I am doing a training for one of our clients next week. At the beginning, they want an "overview of Marketo" or "introduction to Marketo" presentation.   I was wondering if anyone had any such sli...
    Zack Marmer
    created by Zack Marmer
  • Marketing Automation Manager - Come Join a Great Team!

    Ivanti is looking for a Marketing Automation Manager that will own our global Marketo instance. Checkout all the details here: https://www.ivanti.com/company/careers/job?gnk=job&gni=8a7883a9670aebc4016714527eb1108...
    Derek Boggs
    created by Derek Boggs
  • Lucid Software is hiring a Marketo Admin

    Ready to work at the best software company in Utah (of course I'm bias)? Have experience as an admin for both Marketo and Salesforce? Apply here. Lucid - Marketing Systems Analyst
    David Askvig
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  • Switching landing pages to HTTPS from HTTP

    Have any of you made the switch to secured landing pages from Marketo? We are needing to switch our http: over to https: and we are getting some confusing information from Marketo that I am just wondering if any of yo...
    Crystal Griffiths
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  • New to the area

    Hi everyone,   I just moved to the SLC area from Boston and would love to network with fellow Marketo users around the area.   Our user group in Boston was very active and we had some great events, I would...
    Sam Watkinson
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  • BambooHR is hiring. Anyone interested?

    BambooHR, in Lindon, is hiring a Marketing Operations Specialist. Come work for one of the best SAAS companies in Utah. They have a paid paid vacation, where they pay for your trip. Feel free to reach out to me with a...
    Jake Peterson
    created by Jake Peterson
  • Calculating Days till Expiration in an email

    I need to populate an email with dynamic data letting customers know when their lease expires. I have the lease creation date. What I'm trying to do is: 90 - (todays date-lease creation date). Here is what I have so ...
  • Job Opportunity: Email Marketing Manager 

    If you or anyone you know if looking for a great job opportunity, Young Living is hiring for an Email Marketing Manager. The company is new to Marketo and the position has a lot of room for growth. Let me know if you ...
    Logan Paulich
    created by Logan Paulich
  • Form Analytics

    What is the best way to look at form performance? Here's the situation:   We've shortened a few forms and want to analyze how the new version is performing compared to the old. This would be pretty simple if the...
  • Know any SFDC Contractors?

    All - looking for a SFDC contractor to help out a friend's client for some hands on tactical work with needs to support the sales team but also looking for some strategic direction, for about 10-12 hours/month.  ...
    Trent Cross
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  • Freelance opportunity: Marketo developer

    Hey guys! Looking for a savvy Marketo/front-end developer to freelance on a couple projects needing API/JavaScript/cookie work. If interested or you know someone who might be, please message me at eburnett@artemisheal...
  • NEW JOB: Head of Marketing Automation - Qualtrics

    Hey guys!   Thought I'd drop a line in here to let you know that we are hiring for a Head of Marketing Automation at Qualtrics. Full job description here: Job Application for Marketing Automation Manager  ...
    Danielle Morris
    created by Danielle Morris
  • update a counter on a lead

    Does anyone have experience using a form to store an ongoing variable on a lead?   For example a landing page with a form on it: Tell us how often you eat food? [textfield-meal]   On submit don't replace ...
    Pace McCulloch
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  • Free Marketo tools from HyperX Media

    Hey everyone,   I want to give you the heads up for a couple of tools we have developed that may make your life better. Do you use or want to use Marketo forms hosted in a WordPress landing page? With our Mark...
    Kevin Pferdner
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