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May 2019 SLC MUG Recap - "ABM Best Practices and Preference Centers"

Blog Post created by Trent Cross Champion on May 24, 2019

To all the Salt Lake City User Group  members who attended and participated in our May meeting - Thank you!


We had a great turnout and participation with a few new faces.  We are thankful to Lucid Software for hosting the meeting at the last moment as well!  Plus thankful for for sponsoring - with great food from R&R BBQ!  Tasty indeed!


At our May MUG meeting, Kevin Joyce from (and our sponsor) lead us in a presentation and discussion on "Strengthening Marketers through Multivariate Testing" and how this can assist in our ABM marketing efforts. This was a mouthful to say, but as Kevin walked us through the concept and process, it became more clear on how helps to create marketers connect our marketing stack and assisted in executing campaigns for us.  


As marketers, we need rapid results and proof of success, but there are a number of challenges, from too many resources to poor system integration, siloed data, and that ABM and advertising are hard to prove results in a competitive market space.  With and their AI learning and automation engine, the marketer can focus on key strategies and testing (ie experiments) across multiple channels - the Multivariate Experimentation as they brand it.  Check out the full presentation here 

Kevin also sent along another guide that you may find interesting and useful:  "A Guide to Designing. Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Drip Email Campaigns"


The second half our our meeting was a discussion and presentation on Preference Centers and how to build in Marketo. Several members and companies are still struggling with implementing a central preference center and those that have one continue to modify, and manage in an ongoing manner.  It's not a simple, set it and forget it type program and project.  The process takes time, effort, and commitment to roll-out and maintain.  “Offer subscription management to your audience: it’s how they want to be treated.”


Key reasons and elements of a Preference Center include:

  • Give control of communications to your audience.
  • Be able to share relevant, wanted messages with your audience.
  • Nurture based on buying cycle
  • Reduce the unsubscribe rate by providing alternatives and using best practices


Check out more information and details in the "Building a Preference and Subscription Center" deck here.


Our next meeting will be June 19, 2019 at InMoment offices. We have Jonathan Crump from Leadspace as our sponsor and talking about "Revolutionize the Way you Use Data Sponsor: Know your customers from every angle."  We will also have additional discussions on some Marketo tips-n-tricks and more!  So don't miss out.


Here's a link to the May Housekeeping slides for reference, with a number of updates and information from Marketo with upcoming webinars, new guides, and to become an active participant as an Advocate and in Purple Select.


Look forward to seeing you all at our June meeting!