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Lead Scoring Best Practices & More! Part III Q1 Series - MUG Meeting Recap: Mar 22, 2017

Blog Post created by Trent Cross Champion on Mar 29, 2017

To all the Salt Lake City User Group members who attended and participated in the meeting this month, thank you!


The meeting completed our Q1 Best Practices series and focused on Lead Scoring Models;and with a lot of other presentations and discussions. We had a guest attendee, Harris Zafar, Marketo Team Lead, Customer Success who was in town visiting customers and was able to join us for the meeting!


We were privileged to hear from Katie Bullinger from Pluralsight and also from Jeff Smith from Ivanti that presented and discussed their lead scoring models. They were both informative and insightful with different perspectives on how each organization had approached scoring and future directions. Appreciate everyone's comments and questions to further the discussion and learning for all of us.


Ryan Murano and team from Alliance Health, presented and discussed their use of email velocity scripting for a challenge they had in the business. Very insightful and great directions on using scripting to meet needs that Marketo may not. They were able to take the various examples in the Marketo documentation and modify for their needs; which worked great!  They recommended to look at what's already been created (both the documentation and on the community)....lots out there that can help.  Looks like we have a velocity scripting resource with the folks at Alliance Health - thanks!


We also heard from Jeff LeFevre from MarketStar reviewing their use and testing using quizzes from QZZR in their marketing & sales programs. This was a great insight on a practical usage of the tool in use.  Plus, Owen Fuller from QZZR presented and reviewed their quiz services and use within various markets, clients, and other insights. Definitely something that may be applicable for many of us in our marketing efforts.  They offer a "Freemium" model to get started and see how it works.


There was a lot of great questions, insights, and learnings from many that participated and was a great meeting overall. 


We also did a quick update on the new Marketo Certified Training/Test that there are a series of 'free' prep courses now through the Marketo Summit; but classes fill up fast. So if you are interested, sign up now!  Here's the link to the FREE online Cert Prep courses.  They are going on now and several more over the next few weeks: Training Catalog


Don't forget - for those that presented (Katie Bullinger, Jeff Smith, Ryan Murano, and others) reply to this blog and upload your presentations for reference to the rest of the group! Andrew Parker-will you get the stuff from QZZR and upload?


Reminder that we will not be meeting in April, with the Marketo Summit April 23-26 in San Francisco. For those attending, stay tuned for more information on a possible SLC MUG get together time and place.


Our next local meeting will be in May, SLC MUG: May 17th - Marketo Summit Review and "Ah-ha" moments (or "Oh-no") - see you in a couple of months!



Oh - one last item; one of our member companies (Fundracer Events) is offering an additional 10% discount on the current promo pricing for the upcoming event:  The Great Inflatable Race in Salt Lake on June 3rd.  Use Promo Code: MUG2017. Check out more here: The Great Inflatable Race | The Bounciest Fun Run On Earth - Salt Lake City, UT - Lots of fun for the family and friends - Thanks!


Cheers and have a successful month!  Hope to see many of you at the Marketo Summit.

Trent Cross