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To all the Salt Lake City User Group members who attended and participated in the meeting this month, thank you!


The meeting was continuing our Q1 Best Practices series and focused on Personalization Best Practices, and we had the chance to hear and learn from many who attended on what they are doing to build out key elements for better engagement.  The discussions covered a wide range of topics from using tokens, snippets, dynamic content, RTP to the web pages, inferred locations (not a good idea!), reviewing segments/segmentations and even delving a bit into velocity script coding (thanks to Ryan Murano for talking what they just implemented at Alliance Health).


There was a lot of good insights and learnings on how others are using these features and functionality in their existing programs and environment. We reviewed some of the updates on email best practices from the prior month that were put into practice.


Several of attendees are in process implementing some of these concepts and we will look for updates on the results and your insights for the programs.


The meeting also spent a few minutes reviewing the updates and status on the Marketo MCE/MCSC program.  For those interested, check out the post How do I Become Marketo Certified? for more information, links and directions.


Oh and how can we forget the great food/snacks from Chick-fil-a provided by Marketo (Adam Jackson - you missed out again!)


Attached is the deck from the meeting that also includes the updated Certification information slides for reference.


I am looking forward to our meeting in March that will conclude our Q1 Best Practices Topics, SLC MUG: March 22nd - Scoring Models Best Practices, Q1 Best Practices Series.



Cheers and have a successful month!



Trent Cross