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Email Best Practices - MUG Meeting Recap:  January 18, 2017

Blog Post created by Trent Cross Champion on Jan 19, 2017

To all the Salt Lake City User Group members who attended the meeting this week, thank you!  We had a little detour, but appreciate everyone chipping in and providing great feedback.


The meeting was focused on Email Best Practices, and we had the chance to hear and learn from many who attended on what they are doing to build out great emails for better engagement.  We discovered that there is not a 'best' day or time for sending emails (contrary to what the industry says).  Many found that Mondays, Fridays and even weekends had great success.....the key?  Know your audience and segment...and test, test, test. 


Great insights were provided by the team from Alliance Health (Ryan Alford, Ryan Murano, and McKell Cousins), Colby Holbrook (Health Catalyst), Eric Olsen (Helix Education), Jace Garside (Harte Hanks), to name just a few! 


Topics ranged from days of the week, styles of emails (text vs HTML), layout designs, button colors, headers, CTAs, signatures, from/replys, and much, much more! We even went down the path and showed off the Champion/Challenger functionality and associated reporting. 


Several of you (remember who you are) promised to post on the community some of your ideas, and tips on a few points to help the rest of the group.  DON'T FORGET   Plus several of you are doing some email testing this month and we will look for updates on the results of these tests.


The meeting also spent a few minutes reviewing and discussing the Marketo MCE/MCC program and some future directions of the program (more TBD). For those interested, check out the post How do I Become Marketo Certified? for more information, links and directions. 


Attached is the deck from the meeting that also includes the Certification slides for reference.


I am looking forward to our meeting in February, SLC MUG: February 15th - Personalization Best Practices, Q1 Best Practices Series, that will continue our "Best Practices" topics.


Cheers and have a successful month!



Trent Cross