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August 2016 SLC MUG Recap - Make the leap into Social Marketing!

Blog Post created by Trent Cross Champion on Aug 25, 2016

Hello everyone!


Hoping your fall season is starting off well. With the start of school sessions, new schedules, routines and activities it's definitely a change from the fun summertimes and vacations.


We started off our fall season with a bang at the last user group meeting!  Thanks to all who came and attended this past month after the summer break. We had a full house and great crowd with new faces and with a number of our regulars.  It was a great meeting and insights on how to get started with social marketing tools. We like to thank our sponsor HyperX Media for preseneting and attending, along with providing some good Greek food as well.  We definitely missed the rest of you and hope you plan to attend the next meeting in September - which is a special event by Marketo - SLC MUG: Sept 13 - Marketo ABM Launch Party!


Special thanks to Gabe Villamizar as our guest presenter and showing us with some cool tools to get us started in social marketing.  I know that a few of us figured we would check these out and see what our own profiles are out sitting out there in the digital world! (hoping nothing too scary)


EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO Andrew Parker and The Leonardo for providing free tickets to the new Flight exhibit for those that attended and were the first lucky 20 to show up!  It's a cool exhibit and we encourage to take your families and friends to see the cool stuff there....they have a full blown airplane in the middle of the museum - amazing!  Get more details here:  FLIGHT Exhibit At The Leonardo - The Leonardo.


WIth good timing (or just luck), Marketo released their updated The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing (New) and blog which you should check out and download the guide for more info on how to integrate your social marketing into Marketo.


Attached to this post are the presentations from both HyperX Media and from Gabe on social marketing tools for your reference and use.  Gabe also included a couple of additions to show which tools work best with each other and the targeted objectives. 


Speaking of our meetings; our next Marketo User Group Meeting will be Tuesday, September 13, 2016.   NEW LOCATION:  Western Governors University, Same time (3:30pm - 5:30pm),  SLC MUG: Sept 13 - Marketo ABM Launch Party! 



We look forward to seeing you all at the special meeting and event this next month!





Trent Cross and Andrew Parker

SLC MUG co-leaders