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Trent Cross

April 2016 SLC MUG Recap

Posted by Trent Cross Champion Apr 22, 2016

Hello everyone!


Thanks to all who came and attended our user group meeting this week. It was a good meeting and group along with some good food! (Chick-Fil-A nuggets, fruit, and chocolate chip cookies!)


We like to thank Carmen and Marcia from SiriusDecisions for attending and presenting at our meeting.  The presentation by Marcia Trask from SiriusDecisions was excellent and we had several good questions and open discussions with the group. Hopefully there were some good a-ha moments for each of you on where there may be skill gaps or areas of focus in building your marketing teams.


Attached to this post is the SiriusDecisions presentation from Marcia that you can review and use for your personal and internal review/use.  We have been asked that we do not share or distribute this material on public sites (ie SlideShare, LinkedIn, or similar sites) – so don’t!   If you have some questions for SiriusDecisions, please post them here for all and I can compile and send to SD for their input.


Also attached is the housekeeping slide deck for reference as well if needed, as this includes details on the upcoming Marketo Summit and our upcoming meetings.


Speaking of upcoming meetings, our next Marketo User Group Meeting is on May 25, 2016. Same time (3:30pm - 5:30pm), same location (MarketStar Offices in South Jordan).  The topic: Highlights of the Marketo Summit, where we’ll have several of our fellow members present and share their top 2-3 key learnings and insights with us.  Additionally, we have PFL that will be our sponsor speaking about the power of direct and dimensional mail to integrate into your marketing programs.


We hope you'll join us for the meeting next month, so be sure to watch out for email invites starting soon.  In the meantime, stay active on the group and ask any and all questions that come up. The more active the group, the more fun we're all able to have!


For those attending Summit – see you there! 


Andrew Parker and Trent Cross

SLC MUG co-leaders