March 2016 SLC MUG Recap

Blog Post created by dfcb0af57b58a73cf7c78b09c59c045c2a05215d on Mar 18, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to those who came out to the user group meeting this past week. It was a good group and we had at least one excellent presentation. Not sure we could say the same for the guy who went last (some fellow named Andrew) but overall, the presentations were informative and helpful.


Attached to this post are the decks for both presentations and either Shawn or Andrew are happy to answer any and all questions as to how we're using social media to grow our businesses and how we're integrating them into Marketo.


Don't forget that our next Marketo User Group Meeting is on April 20, 2016. Same bat time (3:30pm - 5:30pm), same bat channel (Marketstar Offices in South Jordan). We'll have a partner there with us, SiriusDecisions, to discuss marketing enablement tools. Here is a sample of what they'll be talking about:

  • planning (annual plan development and planning process, campaign planning and implementation, program planning [high level]),
  • budgeting (strategic budget allocation and budget management),
  • marketing enablement,
  • marketing process (non-lead management marketing process),
  • marketing resource management (technology, vendors, implementation, training), marketing operations org structure/staffing,
  • change management and measurement (high-level)


We hope you'll join us for the meeting, so be sure to watch out for email invites from Trent. In the meantime, stay active on the group and ask any and all questions that come up. The more active the group, the more fun we're all able to have!


Trent Cross and Andrew Parker

SLC MUG co-leaders