• Would you join a virtual MUG focused on B2C audiences?

    Hey. I've been talking to some other admins and Kelsey Bourque at Marketo about possible starting a virtual MUG based around issues that admins with B2C audiences are faced with. We are trying to get a gauge on h...
    Tara DAcci
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  • Standard Dimensions for Free Form LP

    I am wondering if anyone has some best practices when creating free form LPs. I am currently building a free form LP and the width appears different across different size monitors. On my computer, it looks fine, but o...
    Ryan Moravick
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  • Marketing Operations Manager - Morrisville

    Hi there - SolarWinds MSP is looking for a marketing ops team member in Morrisville!  Take a look at the posting here and let me know if you are interested SolarWinds Jobs - Marketing Operations Manager in M...
    Chelsea Junget
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  • Recommendations for MKTO Email/Landing Page Designer/Developer?

    Hi MUG,   My company is looking for an outside resource to design/build Marketo emails and landing pages for us. If you have any recommendations please send them my way!   Thanks! Julia Tilley
    Julia Tilley
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  • Dummy email addresses receiving emails and scoring interactions

    Hello again!   We have over 100 people in our database with @noemail in their email addresses (all from various accounts, owned by various salespeople, etc.). However, these people are still receiving emails fro...
    Julia Tilley
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  • Client End-User Management in Marketo

    Hi all! Wondering if/how other teams manage product communication to end-users?   For example, client marketing has equested we send out a product update notification to 1700 end users who are not currently in o...
    Lindsay Garland
    created by Lindsay Garland
  • Tokens not populating in emails

    Hi RDU MUG,   Has anyone experienced text My Tokens not populating when an email sends? I have several workshop programs set up that populate the specific time, date and location for the specific workshop in an ...
    Julia Tilley
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  • Facebook Lead Ads - Not Capturing Data

    Hey friends. I am using the Facebook Lead Ads launchpoint service for the first time and it's not capturing new leads. We had 117 people fill out the form on Facebook since yesterday and I don't see any of these ...
    Tara DAcci
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  • How to find the number of leads in your DB who haven't engaged in over a year?

    Hey Marketo experts, I have a question about a series of smart lists I made in order to find out how many people in our Marketable segment, that are not B2B, have not engaged with the brand in over 1yr, and I jus...
    Tara DAcci
    created by Tara DAcci
  • Christian Out :(

    Hey all,   Just wanted to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone in our MUG group who offered support and solid answers to tough marketing challenges Leasha and I faced in our work. Sadly I'll be leaving FM:Systems n...
    Christian Bogue
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  • Add 'exceptionMessage' to Alert Email

    Hiya MUG!   Is it possible to add the 'exceptionMessage' located on a lead record activity log to an alert email?   I have emails set to notify me when a lead doesn't sync to SFDC but they don't give any i...
    Brett Carpenter
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  • Advanced Marketo Training at Adobe Summit

    Hi, everyone.  Devin Leshin, with The Pedowitz Group, reached out and wanted me to share some information regarding a course they're hosting at Summit.  It's called Marketo Next: Advanced Marketo Training at...
    Caroline Brown
    created by Caroline Brown
  • Email Server Security and Bounced Emails

    Hi guys,   Hoping I can get some insight from the group on this one.   We had an unusually high number of bounced emails from a recent send. We checked the deliverability with ReachForce, our data cleaning...
    Christian Bogue
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  • Marketo focused Slack Channels

    Does anyone know of good Slack channels around Marketo?
    Raymond Russell
    created by Raymond Russell
  • UTM+Java vs Cookies

    Hi guys, wanted to ask the group about how they best set up their attribution. We've used UTM parameters but then lose the data if a lead/contact navigates away from the landing page. I've read that you can add some J...
    Christian Bogue
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  • Job Opportunity in Eastern NC

    Chatsworth Products has an opportunity for a Marketing Automation & Web Specialist in our New Bern, NC location. This position oversees and implements all automated marketing campaigns for the organization. Creat...
    Sarah Gaskins
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  • Bizible SFDC Question

    Hey y'all!   For all you Bizible folks (sorry, I forgot which of you was the Bizible fan person ), we just implemented Bizible (YAY) and are starting to see some results.   The problem is that Salesforce i...
    Brett Carpenter
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  • Replacing Smart Forms on Landing Pages

    Happy New Year, Everyone! I have a question regarding global forms. We recently implemented Reachforce and will be using their Smart Forms. I've created a new form with all the hidden fields but now I need to replace ...
    Leasha Jackson
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  • Job Opportunity - Marketing Automation Manager

    Hey RDU MUG Members!   I hope all is well with all of you. I wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that I have decided to take an offer and leave my current role, which is opening up an opportunity for...
  • Job Opening: Digital/Inbound Marketing Manager

    Hello everyone! NWN Corporation in Morrisville, NC is looking for a Digital/Inbound Marketing Manager with Marketo experience. This person would report to the Director of Marketing. If you'd like to learn more or woul...
    Tina Dorsey
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