• Marketo Specialist Job Posting

    Hi All, We are looking for a Marketo Certified expert to join our team. Please see our Marketo Specialist job posting and reach out to Melissa with your resume m.pusch@facilitiesplus.com. Thanks
    Susan Roberts
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  • Interested in Hosting or Speaking at PMUG? Fill out the form

    Hello PMUGers,   We are planning out the next few PMUG meetings and would like to get a sense of those who are interested and willing to host and/or present at a user group meeting. Are you interested? Please f...
    Kiyana Neil
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  • SEO Platform?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an SEO platform?  We can't use Marketo's because our SSL Certificate is too long (2048). 
    Emily Hesley
    created by Emily Hesley
  • Marketing Leadership Challenge Panel and Networking Event

    Hey PMUGers! We are partnering with Marketo to host a panel and networking event on Thursday, September 13 from 5:30-8:00 PM at the Moshulu Restaurant. Connect with local marketing leaders & learn how they're acce...
    Kiyana Neil
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  • Philadelphia MUG - Happy Hour Mixer - July 31

    7/31/18 1:00 PM
    Hello Philadelphia User Group members! Great news - we have a date for our first meeting of the year!   We know it's been a while since we last met and to kick off of our first meeting of the year, we'll be host...
    Kiyana Neil
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    Philadelphia MUG - Happy Hour Mixer - July 31
  • Next Philly MUG meeting?

    Happy Thursday everyone! Any thoughts on the next user group? I saw the last post asking about this was 5 months ago. I might be able to host in the Cherry Hill Corcentric office if the issue is a space to hold the me...
    Bonnie Jeffers
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  • Marketo Summit 2018 - meetup?

    Anyone planning on going and want to meet up one day?
    Becky Miner
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  • Hiding a Form for Opted In Contacts

    We have found a work around for hiding a form only for contacts who are already opted in, but to show the form for anyone not in the database, or those who are not opted in. Currently, you can use the If Known Visito...
    Heather DeGrave
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  • Next Meeting

    Hi all, I just joined this group - from the NYC MUG - and was wondering how often you meet and if the next PMUG meeting has been scheduled?   Thanks!
    Dina Otero
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  • Dressember - Fighting for freedom and dignity for all

    Hi, Philly MUG! Great meeting yesterday.  I always enjoy hearing how others are using Marketo, and what struggles and successes everyone is experiencing.   You may have noticed I was in a dress yesterday w...
    Becky Miner
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  • Next MUG Meeting?

    Hi!  I'm new to the area and looking forward to meeting other Marketo Users!  Are there any plans for an upcoming meeting?
    Emily Hesley
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  • Lead Life Cycle

    Good afternoon!   Can anyone suggest Marketo training's or videos that explain how to build out a lead life cycle program in Marketo?   Thank you!
  • July PMUG Postponed

    Hi PMUG Members,   Please note that the July PMUG will be rescheduled to a later date. We are still looking for members who are open to present at our upcoming meetings. Stay tuned for more details and the new ...
    Kiyana Neil
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  • Opportunity to Speak/Topics for next PMUG!

    Our next PMUG is coming up at the end of July and as the details are being finalized, we wanted to see if any PMUG members would be interested in presenting on a topic of their choice! Presentations aren't limited to ...
    Kiyana Neil
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  • The Summit Rundown Follow Up - Save the Date! July 20

    It is always a pleasure to meet up with PMUG members and learn from one another. Many thanks to Catherine Funari and Tori Fagan of Anexinet for hosting, Courtney Grimes and Jenn DiMaria for presenting and to all of th...
    Kiyana Neil
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  • Southco is hiring a marketing automation specialist!

    Southco is looking for a well-rounded marketing automation specialist and digital marketer. Please see the job posted on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/312346321/   The description of the posti...
    Amy Lepre
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  • PMUG_Summit Recap_May18.pptx

    Here is the recap of the May 18th Philadelphia User Group meeting. Check out slides for links to the Summit sessions that were presented on.
    Kiyana Neil
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  • How to search all asset contents Marketo

    I need to figure out which email has the subject line "...get rid of those paper files & processes" - but Marketo doesn't seem to have a Google-search type function to search the actual contents of the entire acco...
  • Summit PMUG Meet-up?

    Anyone want to meet up at lunch on Monday?  If so, I can grab a table like I did last year and have a "Philly MUG" sign on it.  Sorry for late notice!  I'm here at University Day today.
    Becky Miner
    created by Becky Miner
  • Welcome Back! (RSVP for our next meeting on May 18)

    Hello PMUG Members,   Here's an official welcome back to all those who attended Summit. I'm sure you all learned lots and brought back some interesting information to share. What better time to share your experi...
    Kiyana Neil
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