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Kiyana Neil

June 2019 PMUG Recap

Posted by Kiyana Neil Jun 17, 2019

Thank you to all of the members that were able to attend the June 2019 PMUG! I'd also like to thank Amy Lepre for hosting and both Melissa Day and Jenn DiMaria for their informative presentations. Check out the slides below.


Stay tuned for our next Center City PMUG gathering in August!

We have found a work around for hiding a form only for contacts who are already opted in, but to show the form for anyone not in the database, or those who are not opted in.

Currently, you can use the If Known Visitor, show Custom HTML in the form settings, but this will show custom HTML for ALL known visitors. There is no way in the form to add a filter to only use the custom HTML code for those known visitors who are opted in to your database.

If you use Segmentation in conjunction with Dynamic Content, you can show custom HTML to only those who are opted in.

We set up a Segmentation for Opted In first. We used filters of Opt In for both Not Opted-In and Opted-In. No filters set for Default.

Then in the program where the landing pages and forms are located, clone the form that is used for anyone who needs to fill it out (contacts not opted in or contacts not yet in your database). Label this cloned form so you know it is for contacts who are opted in already. Edit the form to use Custom HTML for Known Visitors. Add the link to the downloadable resource, or link to web page, etc here. In the landing page, use the original form that should show for anyone not opted in. Then make it dynamic by adding a segmentation. Choose the Opted in segmentation. Click into the Opted-In segmentation on the right navigation and click on the form. Right click to edit, and choose your Opted In form instead.

Essentially anyone who is opted in will see the form that has the Custom HTML. Because they are a Known Visitor, they will be able to skip the form and click right to the resource. If they are not opted in or not in the database, they will see the original form created that does not have Custom HTML.

We do not have any other Segmentations in our instance, so I'm unsure how this will work when using additional segmentations.


The National Board of Medical Examiners is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides high-quality examinations for the health professions. NBME has nearly 500 employees and is located in Philadelphia's University City neighborhood, home to some of the country's most esteemed universities, nonprofit research institutes, and research and teaching hospitals.


High-level overview

The Product Marketing Specialist is responsible for the strategy and revenue generation of a portfolio of products. Responsible for customer acquisition including direct business development efforts, including using some outsourced resources.


What you can expect to do

Here are just a few things you can expect to do as the Product Marketing Manager:


  • Develop the product strategy and product marketing mix for new product development.
  • Ensure translation and representation of product strategic priorities in customer marketing plans and positioning.
  • Report progress of marketing plans to leadership.
  • Manage the entire product life cycle from a go-to-market perspective, including working with operational stakeholders on needed productivity until product is ready for sunsetting.
  • Business development such as lead generation and lead conversion.
  • Create a value proposition and ensure differentiation and relevance in the market.
  • Develop tools to support the promotion of the value proposition to prospective customers.
  • Conduct pricing and profitability analysis to understand the potential impact of product policy changes on new product launches and changes to product positioning.


Can you bring this to the table?

  • Experience serving as the “Voice of the Customer”.
  • Proactively driving customer engagement throughout the product life cycle.
  • Previous experience developing and executing a marketing plan that resulted in increased revenue.
  • Experience conducting market analysis.
  • Ability to influence outcomes with a professional demeanor.
  • Creativity that comes the insights of others.
  • Ability to accomplish objectives in a collaborative work environment.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in product strategy and marketing  in healthcare.
  • Required experience using Marketo.
  • Bachelor's degree emphasis in marketing (MBA preferred).

If this sounds like your dream job, submit your resume to Job Listings - National Board of Medical Examiners Jobs. If you want you can email me at, or call at 215-495-1576. WARNING: If you call, you better be prepared to bring. I'm not your average recruiter.

The NBME offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a rewarding work environment.

The NBME is an equal opportunity employer.

Philly Marketo User Group peers-


Seeking a strong Marketo expert with either B2B or B2C lead nurturing experience.  Feel free to Apply!


Nurture Manager

Job # 2711065





Claude R. Brogunier

GE Power

Revenue Marketing Leader

MBA, MS Engg, BS, BA, GE Six Sigma Cert, Marketo Cert

P (484) 875-7098

C (484) 868-6352

F (484) 875-7099






475 Creamery Way

2nd Floor

Exton, PA  19341-2537


"The Purpose of a Business is To Create a Customer"- Peter Drucker