• August MUG Happy Hour at Yardhouse Irvine!

    Not pictured: Sanjeev Bhai and Jeremy Blanco.   Thanks to everyone who came out! Let's plan for another one soon, any potential speakers?
    Devon Guerrero
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  • Email Marketing Coordinator - Neudesic - Irvine, CA

    We're looking for a new Email Marketing Coordinator, ideally one with experience in Marketo. HR is still processing the job listing, but just email me (randy.lee@neudesic.com) if interested. Details below:   Job...
  • Interested in leading this User Group?

    Please contact Meghana Rao at mrao@marketo.com.
    Meghana Rao
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  • Hiring 2 Positions!

    Hi everyone my company in Irvine, CA is hiring for two positions that require Marketo experience.   Growth Marketing Manager   Marketing Automation and Conversion Specialist   Please pass these post...
    John Westley
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  • Summit Session Registration Now Open - workshop rsvps

    You guys might have heard already but just thought I would put in an extra reminder here.   I'm sure there will be lines for the popular sessions, so it is a great idea to register beforehand.   So many go...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • Marketing Manager Position Open in Irvine, Ca

    Hello, My company currently has an opening for a Marketing Manager position our of our Irvine office. We are located a block away from the Irvine Spectrum.   Position Summary: The Marketing Manager oversees m...
  • B2B Marketing Manager position in Laguna Hills (near the Spectrum)

    Hi everyone!   I had a great time at the user group last week and hope to see you all at future events. I'm actually recruiting for a marketing manager to join my team, so I wanted to pass along the info in case...
  • Fill Out the Marketo User Group Member Survey Today!

    Hi MUG Members,   Please fill out the Marketo User Group Member Survey to get more insight into who is attending our User Groups and topics that you would find interesting for upcoming meetings. The survey will c...
  • Turning on Email Editor 2.0

    Hey everyone, as you are all probably aware Marketo released a bunch of new features this week including the new Email Editor and Email Templates.   Here's the overview product doc page.   As Josh Hill men...
    John Westley
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  • Great meeting everyone!

    And thanks to John and Amy for coordinating.   Here is my info if you want to connect or brainstorm:   DARRELL ALFONSO | Demand Generation Manager | Connexity 12200 West Olympic Boulevard,Suite 300, Los...
    Darrell Alfonso
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