• See you tomorrow! (+MUG updates)

    Hope to see you tomorrow for our in-person meetup on Segmentations Makeover with Jeffrey Pease (here's the link if you haven't yet RSVP'd). Also, note that we are shifting the bi-weekly virtual Q&A with Sandy Whit...
    Inga Romanoff
    created by Inga Romanoff
  • Job Opportunity - Marketing Associate, Marketing Operations

    Hi NY MUG, We have a great opportunity available on our ops team!  If you're interested in learning more, please check out the post on our careers page. 
    Albert Alvarez
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  • Change in accepted API payload?

    I created a web app that would create folders, clone programs and populate those folders and programs with tokens with data from a campaign setup tool. My tool is a Coldfusion web application.  Prior to last wee...
    Gary Volland
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  • Using Custom Activity api call based on user email

    I'm using sendgrid to send transactional emails from our product and I want to have visibility for email opening and clicking in marketo as custom events.   I looked at the API documentation and I can do it but ...
    Yaron Meiner
    created by Yaron Meiner
  • Seeking: Marketo Email Specialist – NYC-based

    https://www.lendit.com/careers/marketo-email-specialist LendIt Fintech is looking for a Marketo Email Specialist. Have you had prior success leading and executing innovative lead gen and nurture programs in Marketo? D...
    Nora Steinman
    created by Nora Steinman
  • Removing Spam Traps from Database

    We got a notification from Marketo that our database contains spam traps. Unfortunately, because we have not been using Marketo for that long, the recommended smart list solution does not apply. We were wondering if a...
    Catherine Ducey
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  • Weekly Marketo Office Hours w/Sandy and Inga

    Hope to see you later today! You can RSVP until 3pm: https://www.meetup.com/New-York-Marketo-User-Group/events/fxrlvqyzhbjb/   Cheers Inga
    Inga Romanoff
    created by Inga Romanoff
  • UTM parameters can I apply to Marketo URL links?

    Hi All, Does anyone know how I can apply UTM parameters to my URL links in Marketo?    Thank you, Jason
    Jason Cabrera
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  • See you tonight! NYMUG 4/30 with Marketo Champion Elliott Lowe

    Hope to see you tonight! Just a reminder, the meeting is held at 6pm at Ceros HQ | 40 W 25th St, Floor 12, New York, NY 10010. Not that you need any incentives, our speaker is the infamous Marketo Champion Elliott Low...
    Inga Romanoff
    created by Inga Romanoff
  • Marketing Operations Manager opportunity at Dynamic Yield, NYC

    We're looking for a stellar Marketing Operations Manager to join Dynamic Yield New York.   Dynamic Yield is on the lookout for a detailed and process-oriented Marketing Operations Manager to oversee and carefull...
    Yaniv Navot
    created by Yaniv Navot
  • Job Opportunity - Director Marketing Ops, NY-Based, GLG

    NY Community,   My firm is currently hiring a director of marketing ops position in GLG's midtown NY location. Job summary below.   For more details or to apply, please visit: GLG.it career page.  ...
    Anna Galati
    created by Anna Galati
  • Next NY User Group Meeting?

    Hello - wanted to check in to see when our next NY User Group Meeting will be. Please let me know!
    Mansi Singh
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  • Active User not appearing in Database

    I am an active user in my Marketo instance, but I am not appearing in database. Please find the screen shot below:   What could be the reason for the same? How can I check my activities?
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Weekly Office Hours w/Sandy and Inga

    Hope to see you guys in a bit! Here's the link to the Event: https://nation.marketo.com/events/2745 RSVP on Meetup so we can send the credentials for the dial-in: Weekly Marketo Q&A with Sandy and Inga | Meetup
    Inga Romanoff
    created by Inga Romanoff
  • Is there a way I can find the cloning history?whether a program template was cloned or an active program was cloned?

    We have created program templates for events and nurture program, now it is required to find whether team members are cloning the program template or are they cloning the already active program and then update the inf...
    Abhishek Chandra
    created by Abhishek Chandra
  • Marketing Automation Specialist - Macmillan Learning

    Macmillan Learning is looking for an Marketing Automation Specialist will be the primary owner of the Macmillan Learning ESPs (Marketo and ExactTarget) as well as the driver for the development and execution of marke...
  • Weekly Office Hours w/Sandy and Inga

    Hope to see you! We are LIVE now: https://nation.marketo.com/events/2745
    Inga Romanoff
    created by Inga Romanoff
  • Weekly Q&A Session

    Who is already at Summit? Sandy and I are flying on Tuesday morning and just wanted to kick off our weekly virtual Q&A session on the heels of the Summit. The first event is today at 3:30 Eastern | 12:30 Las Vegas...
    Inga Romanoff
    created by Inga Romanoff
  • Is there is an east-coast data center that we utilize?

    Due to the Instance Accessibility issue in San Jose Datacenter, do we have an east coast data center that we utilize?
    Edward Santelices
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  • New Idea - Additional Filter Options for Constraints

    Feel free to check it out and up-vote Additional Filter Options for Constraints