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Cision Finalizes PR Newswire Acquisition

Cision’s award winning PR software expands with PR Newswire’s largest global distribution network

PR Newswire – CHICAGO, June 17, 2016
Today, Cision finalized the acquisition of PR Newswire. The deal is approved in all markets worldwide except Dubai and China, where it is pending regulatory review. By combining capabilities, Cision and PR Newswire will provide clients with the industry’s best content distribution, influencer outreach, media monitoring and analytics offerings. This also expands Cision’s international reach, providing access to 170 countries and 40 languages.

In conversations with clients, Cision repeatedly heard the need for an integrated solution that allows them to manage campaigns and distribute multimedia messages through a variety of channels. With Cision’s acquisition of PR Newswire, consumers now have access to global technology and service, deeper relationships with media and influencers, and the largest content distribution network available.

For Cision clients, the acquisition provides access to the industry’s largest and most trusted distribution network of media outlets, websites and social media channels as well as access to new offerings including multimedia content distribution, IR tools, ProfNet and MultiVu creative services. For PR Newswire customers, the acquisition provides access to award-winning PR software, the industry’s most comprehensive influencer database and a full suite of monitoring and analytics services.

“Cision has always been a leader in influencer identification, media monitoring, social engagement and analytics,” said Cision CEO Peter Granat. “The acquisition of PR Newswire, the market leader in press release distribution, is a huge step in providing our customers a complete integrated solution for all their PR, IR and social media needs. To combine two PR powerhouses means we can provide the most robust tools and services for PR and communication professionals to tell their stories in virtually any medium around the world.”

PR Newswire’s CEO Bob Gray will be transitioning out of the business and Peter Granat will be the CEO of the combined organization.

The combined product roadmap and timeline will be finalized in the coming months. While the product roadmap is being developed, Cision and PR Newswire will continue to invest in and support all existing services.

Learn more about the announcement and read the FAQs here.

About Cision:
Cision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of today’s communication professionals. Offering the industry’s most comprehensive PR, IR and social media software, rich analytics, content distribution, and influencer outreach, Cision enables clients to engage audiences, enhance campaigns and strengthen data-driven decision making. Cision solutions include PR Newswire, Gorkana, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and iContact brands. Headquartered in Chicago, Cision serves over 100,000 customers in 170 countries and 40 languages worldwide, and maintains offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia. For more information, visit or follow @Cision on Twitter.

Originally posted on PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog:

#MKTGnation Summit 2016

What does it take to be a champion?

After having a chance to reflect on this year’s #MKTGnation Summit, I can confidently say that being a marketing champion isn’t just about being the best (though that does help), it’s about striving to be better.

This means keeping on top of industry advancements and understanding how to use today’s and tomorrow’s marketing tools to ask better questions, articulate needs and expectations more effectively, and efficiently leverage the skills of your marketing team.

For my second Marketo Summit, I was joined by PR Newswire’s Asmita Singh, Vice President, Digital Experience & Marketing Optimization; Tanuj Gupta, Marketing Optimization Analytics; Scott Abbate, Program Manager, Channel Marketing; and Ken Wincko, our Senior Vice President of Marketing who also delivered one of the #MKTGnation keynotes.

Here are a few of the lessons my colleagues and I took home from Marketo’s University Day, the Champion sessions and networking with other passionate marketers.

Analytics > Data.

During his session, Jason Kodish, Global Chief Data Scientist for Digitas LBi, asserted the importance of data, analytics, and geeks.

Businesses have long made decisions based on data. Not so much on analytics. The difference is data tells you that you sold five units, whereas analytics help you drive better-informed sales efforts by understanding the whats, whys, and hows of the five units you sold.

As analytics geeks, it was refreshing to witness this powerful sentiment associated with the craft of data science.


Don’t get bogged down in the day to day.

One of the best pieces of advice I heard was to block off two days per week to focus solely on project workload.

In marketing operations, it’s easy to get caught in the routine of troubleshooting requests and issues. To grow as marketers (and contribute more to the bottom line), we need to learn how to give ourselves the time to dig into longer term projects versus continuously fixing bugs.

Marketing is no longer just about inbound.

“Trust is the new currency,” said Ken during his keynote on the future of customer experience.

One of his top tips for fostering strong and loyal customer relationships: Integrate and iterate every marketing effort into the complete loop of the buyer’s journey — from exploration, engagement and acquisition to adoption, devotion and advocacy.

This can be achieved through targeted segmentation, multichannel programs, account based marketing (ABM), paid media and customer advocacy, all executed in tandem.

A winning marketing team is built on diverse perspectives.

Because marketing touches all aspects of the customer experience, leaders need not be afraid to broaden the scope of their recruitment efforts.

The next time you look for a new marketing team member, Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia predicts the best person for the job may not be the person you expect.

PR Newswire’s marketing team is a prime example of how “accidental marketers” can come together to form a great team.

My career began as a web developer, but led to project management, then marketing automation and demand generation. Other team members started in roles varying from chemical engineering to customer service. We even have a former sommelier!

Collaboration between people with varied viewpoints and expertise leads to innovation. The one thing everyone should have in common is a passion for success.

Hands down, this was the best Summit I’ve experienced. The camaraderie among our Marketo brethren is astounding. And after learning so much from this year’s #MKTGnation Champions, it was an honor to find out PR Newswire was named a Revvie champion as Marketing Team of the Year, Enterprise.

I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve made within the Marketo community and look forward to the experiences that future summits hold.

Get more tips for transforming your team into marketing champions. Download Meeting Demand: A Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven CMO right now.


By Geoff Krajeski

Author Geoff Krajeski is a marketing automation specialist on PR Newswire’s marketing operations team. Follow him on Twitter @GeoffKrajeski for tweets about marketing, demand generation, process improvement, and Star Wars jedi mastery.

    I just wanted to quickly put it out there, thank you to all who voted (for any team) as part of the Marketing Team of the Year!


    I am honored to have joined a team in Q4 2015 that is worthy of such a nomination!  It has been a truly unique journey for me as seen in my previous post, and I couldn't be happier!


    Best of luck to all nominees and I am truly looking forward to the Summit come May!


    The Marketing Nation Summit, May 9-12, 2016 – Marketo - Awards

    This should go without saying, but when working with varied teams, group cohesiveness and communication among ALL teams is critical to the success of any project or organization.


    A recent challenge that we encountered was mis/non-communication on a spelling change of a key area for our French website.  As a result of this change the main level of our URL structure of the entire Knowledge Center (now knowledge-centre and the French equivalent, when translated) changed, breaking all of our programs that referenced unique content offers at specific URLs within this section of the site.


    This was a bad & (slightly) good thing.  It wasn't detected until someone reported a 'broken' content offer that wasn't firing our follow up email about a month after the change was originally made.  After some investigation it was discovered that the URL did not match the referring URL sting and therefore the email was not firing.  Upon fixing that issue in the particular program, we did a little further investigation which led to the finding of many more programs being 'broken'.


    Not only did this issue not trigger certain scoring rules and milestones, but unfortunately it required a massive manual overhaul of all of our programs, taking several days to correct the action.  Also, having about a 30 day window where the triggers and resulting flows were broken, it required reporting on who was affected and discussion on what could be done, if anything, to take corrective actions.


    Another benefit of this was the in-depth review of our content offers.  This led to discovery of some offers whose corresponding emails were incorrect, as well as some additional non-conforming to naming conventions and such.





    Do so more broadly than you may think is necessary, as there may be linked or 'trickle-down' effects as a result of any changes made to a site or other interrelated systems.


    Think of teams that may have some interdependency or links to your teams/systems.



    Hope no one has to deal with the same issue, but let this be a heads-up just in case!

    NEW YORK and CHICAGO, Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- PR Newswire announces that Cision, the global media intelligence company, has agreed to acquire PR Newswire from UBM plc in a transaction to create a global leader of communications software and services. The transaction, which requires UBM plc shareholder and regulatory approvals, is expected to close late in the first quarter of 2016. While regulatory and shareholder approvals are sought it will be business as usual for both firms.

    Serving over 100,000 customers globally, Cision provides award-winning media intelligence software and solutions ranging from influencer databases and content distribution to social media analytics and insights. Upon completion of the transaction, Cision and PR Newswire would integrate to deliver best-in-class solutions providing clients with leading technology and service, deep relationships with media and influencers and the world's largest multi-channel distribution network.


    "Over 60 years, PR Newswire has established itself as the leading global multichannel distribution platform enabling PR, IR and marketing professionals to reach target audiences and measure the impact of their messages," said Robert Gray, CEO. "I'm excited about the combination with Cision, which would provide customers an unparalleled breadth of solutions enabling communicators to be efficient, data-driven and accountable. We expect significant benefits for all of our stakeholders through the transaction."

    Peter Granat, CEO of Cision, said, "The addition of PR Newswire to Cision's growing portfolio represents a key milestone in our mission to create the most comprehensive platform for managing the communications lifecycle effectively. PR Newswire's outstanding reputation and global reach add another valuable dimension to the quality suite of products our clients have come to expect from Cision."

    About PR Newswire:
    Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry in 1954, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize and target content – from rich media to online video to multimedia – and then distribute and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world's largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire serves over 30,000 clients from offices around the world. For more information visit and follow @PRNewswire on Twitter.

    About Cision:
    Cision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of today's PR and communication professionals. Offering the industry's most comprehensive PR and social media software, rich analytics and a Global Insights team, Cision enables communicators to improve their marketing and strengthen data-driven decision making. Cision also represents the Gorkana Group, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and iContact brands. Headquartered in Chicago, Cision has over 100,000 customers worldwide and maintains offices in Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and China. For more information, or follow @Cision on Twitter.

    PR Newswire Contact:
    Victoria Harres



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    MCE.jpgI was with a good company before my current role. A global, billion+ dollar earning manufacturing company. The main obstacle? Being a company that grows through acquisitions, and with many of the big "bread winners" originating over 100 years ago there was a constant uphill battle to initiate innovative and progressive changes.  Marketing automation was one of these battles that I helped to lead the charge to try and prove its worth.



    As a two-time Summit Award winner, the top achievement for a North American employee, I was sure that we could make things work.  However, going back to the fact that not all the teams were as progressive, fresh, or new, it was difficult to find the proper cases to promote as our kickoff efforts in marketing automation.  Over time we built our persona template, boy there are a lot out there! We learned how to map the content to the right part of the buying life-cycle (stages), and to identify gaps.


    The one thing that was severely lacking was the ability to generate rich content. This may be because it was a manufacturer. It also may have been caused by the fact that the tenure of most employees predated the acquisition of their original brand. Furthermore, it may be influenced by a lack of strong content generation centers and reliance on agencies that didn't always do the best job. All that aside, I had reached a ceiling, and other priorities won over the need I felt should take center stage, the demand generation process.


    At the same time, my manager at this manufacturing company changed over the course of me working to launch the web store. She had previous experience with Marketo and the demand generation process of her prior company. We quickly looked for ways to invigorate and inspire change in behavior and connections throughout our sales and telemarketing (more like inside sales than dialing for dollars) organizations.


    She urged me and a few colleagues to attend the Marketo Summit in April of 2015, where I took my first Marketo Certified Expert exam. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the exam at that time, but gained a wealth of knowledge and connections that inspired me further to push on with the effort surrounding marketing automation. My manager told me to keep trying and take it again as she knew it would only open up a realm of potential opportunities for me.


    By the end of June I had completed my retake and successfully passed!  This was just as I was coming to the point of having launched a second phase of the web store, for which I won one the second of my two Summit Awards, and had gotten some basic up-sell/cross-sell campaigns started to really get the automation engine going.


    Within less than a month of passing the MCE, I was contacted by the hiring manager at my new role. At the time I was interested in the opportunity and role of Marketing Automation Specialist, but not the commute of nearly 3 hours one-way to the office in Jersey City! I thanked her and politely declined at that time.


    About a month and a half later, I was contacted by a recruiter about a role that sounded strikingly similar to the one I had declined previously. Again I said that I was not ready to relocate and that I was going to politely decline again. A day later the recruiter reached back out with a tantalizing offer that this role could be 100% remote. That piqued my attention!


    Some back and forth in the contract negotiations aside, I accepted a wonderful offer! I have joined Revvie nominated team at PRNewswire as their Marketing Automation Specialist, proving that the Marketo Certified Expert exam truly does pay off!