Sanford Whiteman

Emulating ##MKT_TOK## in Velocity

Blog Post created by Sanford Whiteman on Oct 25, 2019

The semi-secret email variable ##MKT_TOK## allows you to do something that’s otherwise impossible: create a link that isn’t tracked (rewritten to bounce off your branding domain) but is mkt_tok-enized so it still associates leads.


In other words, a link that is altered only by having the mkt_tok appended to the query string.


In the standard email body, you do this like so:


<a class="mktNoTrack" href="">Click me</a>



If you generate links in Velocity, though, that curiously-formatted ##MKT_TOK## doesn't exist. But it has a direct Velocity equivalent, $mktmail.MKT_TOK. So add that instead in VTL:


<a class="mktNoTrack" href="${mktmail.MKT_TOK}">Click me</a>


That’s it, shortest post in a while!