Sanford Whiteman

Marketo Forms Patterns: The “Not You?” session regen link

Blog Post created by Sanford Whiteman on Jan 20, 2018

Marketo's Known Visitor HTML feature (KV HTML in my shorthand) is a great way to streamline a lead's experience if they've already filled out a form.

KV HTML has quirks and guidelines that deserve another post, but in brief:

  • Use it to hide the usual form entirely if you already know who someone is, essentially letting somebody “jump the gate” to your content.
  • A Filled Out Form activity is still logged — a good thing for reporting!
  • KV HTML is not the same as Progressive Profiling (similar, but in fact mutually exclusive w/ProgPro).

Another cool thing KV HTML supports is a session regeneration link. This is the special {{form.notYou}} token.

When clicked, this link cleanly breaks the connection to a previously associated lead and resets the form, while leaving previously logged activities as-is.



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