Sanford Whiteman

Conditionally loading Munchkin on Marketo LPs (for GDPR & related policies)

Blog Post created by Sanford Whiteman on Jan 5, 2018

I've written before about conditionally loading Munchkin based on IP ranges (which isn't a native feature), and about adding custom Munchkin options on Marketo LPs (where Munchkin is injected automatically with special options).

As Community user GF points out, anti-cookie/anti-tracking legislation like GDPR requires a combo of these earlier approaches:

  1. (1) the end user must consent before Munchkin runs on Marketo LPs
  2. (2) you need to preserve the LP-specific special options if they do consent
  3. (3) you may need to add custom options, most often domainLevel

To get this working, we need to hack around Munchkin's hard-coded load-and-run logic on Marketo LPs. Luckily, it's not horrendously complex, though it'll look obscure to people inexperienced with such shenanigans.


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