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Velocity's MathTool ($math in Marketo's Script Editor) offers the convenience function random() to generate a random number in a given range.

As I suggested to user LD in this thread, you can use random()to randomly select content for quick-and-dirty A/B tests.

For example, this will choose one of 3 link titles at random for every lead in a send:


#set( $random = $math.random(0,3) )
#set( $linkText = {
  0 : "Get the best rates here!",
  1 : "Load your truck!",
  2 : "Get moving!"
<a href="" id="linkText${random}">${linkText[$random]}</a>



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Marketo's Known Visitor HTML feature (KV HTML in my shorthand) is a great way to streamline a lead's experience if they've already filled out a form.

KV HTML has quirks and guidelines that deserve another post, but in brief:

  • Use it to hide the usual form entirely if you already know who someone is, essentially letting somebody “jump the gate” to your content.
  • A Filled Out Form activity is still logged — a good thing for reporting!
  • KV HTML is not the same as Progressive Profiling (similar, but in fact mutually exclusive w/ProgPro).

Another cool thing KV HTML supports is a session regeneration link. This is the special {{form.notYou}} token.

When clicked, this link cleanly breaks the connection to a previously associated lead and resets the form, while leaving previously logged activities as-is.



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You probably don't realize that Munchkin ignores clicks, by default and by design, on 6 different types of links:

  1. (1) links whose destination appears to be a hash (fragment) on the current page:
  2. (2) mailto: links
  3. (3) javascript: links
  4. (4) AREA links
  5. (5) links with the special class mchNoDecorate (more on this another time)
  6. (6) links that aren't, well, links (like clickable DIVs, an IMG not wrapped in an A, etc)

With all those exceptions, chances are good that you have at least one prominently featured link that is not tracked.

In an unscientific survey of 10 sites running Munchkin (grabbed out of my browser history), 7 had an untracked link on their home page (and of course this is about more than home pages!).


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I've written before about conditionally loading Munchkin based on IP ranges (which isn't a native feature), and about adding custom Munchkin options on Marketo LPs (where Munchkin is injected automatically with special options).

As Community user GF points out, anti-cookie/anti-tracking legislation like GDPR requires a combo of these earlier approaches:

  1. (1) the end user must consent before Munchkin runs on Marketo LPs
  2. (2) you need to preserve the LP-specific special options if they do consent
  3. (3) you may need to add custom options, most often domainLevel

To get this working, we need to hack around Munchkin's hard-coded load-and-run logic on Marketo LPs. Luckily, it's not horrendously complex, though it'll look obscure to people inexperienced with such shenanigans.


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