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User BJ asked in this Nation threadabout changing mktoVideo dimensions from the default 420 x 315.

Even though I don't typically use mktoVideo, preferring 3rd-party players, I started probing the CrowdFactory API (CF being the real name of the “Marketo Social” widget that powers video elements).

After reverse-engineering for a bit, I had working code, but obviously someone must have tried to do this before, right? Um, yeah: me. Searching the Nation, I was disturbed to find I'd posted almost exactly the same codea year ago!

At least it wasn't exactly the same code. I did do a better job today (and edited the earlier post accordingly), so my li'l memory glitch had an upside. Anyway, now it's here for posterity.

All you need to do is add a couple of variables (you could also hard-code, but this is more flexible).




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It's well-known that Marketo's pURL feature, out-of-the-box, has a fatal (and kinda fascinating) shortcoming. If someone has visited your site before — meaning either an anonymous or associated Munchkin session— then pURL-enabled pages aren't functional.

When there's an existing anonymous session, the server ignores the personalized part of the URL (the Marketo Unique Name /JillSmith02 or Unique Code /XYZPDQ) and serves up default/empty content.

On the other hand, if the person has never been to your site on their current device, pURLs work fine.

Unfortunately, then, pURLs work only for people who either [a] just got a new PC or phone or [b] have been living under a relative rock. Not exactly the widest audience!

Luckily, it's always been possible to fix the strange session behavior with a little JavaScript.



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