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     As some have rightly complained, once you set a Mask Input pattern on a Forms 2.0 field, the Form Editor doesn't let you switch the pattern based on other fields' values — for example, country-specific phone numbers.

(File this under “Things I've never needed, but know how to do.” Not a fan of input masks on web forms in general!)

Here's how. First, in Form Editor, give the field a default Mask:


Then the rest is done with a little Forms 2.0 JS



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Because why not? When user AA wondered why his IFRAMEd pages (inside other pages in the same domain) seemed to be ignoring RTP reactions, I resolved to get to the bottom of it.

On the technical level, as it turns out, there's no mystery: the RTP JS library disables itself when it determines it's running in an <iframe>.

On the business level, this doesn't make any sense:

(a) it assumes an adversarial relationship between the outer domain and the IFRAMEd domain, which obviously isn't the case when you operate both domains


(b) even if the inner and outer domains don't trust each other, there's tech that already exists to solve that: the outer can use the <iframe sandbox> attribute to neuter the inner, and the inner can have an optional (as opposed to mandatory) restriction on running in a frame

Luckily, you can fix it by inserting one line of JS after the last line of the RTP embed code



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Hey there! Here's a workaround for another forms bug.

Wish it were really new, but it seems to have been introduced in the forms2.js dated 2017-06-23. Just tuned in to it today thanks to a DM on the Community.

The bug: unchecked required checkboxes no longer show an error message. The checkbox is focused and it does stop the form from submitting, but because of the lack of error message, users won't know why.

Compare this buggy behavior when Submit is pressed:


And this expected behavior:


It's annoying that we have to fix it, but at least it's easy


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