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Marketo field limits in the real world, Part II: URL is for domain names, not full URLs

Blog Post created by Sanford Whiteman on Aug 23, 2017

     Continuing this series thanks to a prod from user KS on the Field Limits doc:


Does URL field type have a character limit?


     Indeed it does: 255 characters.  And unlike with Integer fields this restriction is in sync with the SFDC field type of the same name, which also is limited to 255.


     This wouldn't be a problem, save for the fact that Marketo can't truncate longer URLs (including pathnames and query strings) to a guaranteed working URL.


     See, an implicitly-fully-qualified domain name like or not including any leading or trailing URL components like https:// or the /path/name?query=string must indeed be under 255 characters. (In fact it must be under 253.)


     So if you're only storing pre-parsed domain names, there's no problem with the max field length.


     But if your source could be a full Referrer URL, or a long URL from your product catalog, it's certainly possible to go over 255 characters.



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