How Pizza Is Crushing Holistic Marketing

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It’s 11am on a Friday and I’m at my desk. I’m starting to get hungry for lunch and I see a banner ad for dominoes pizza. I shake it off because I want to eat healthy. Then around 4:30 as the day is starting to wrap up I look down at my phone and I see an email from Dominoes. I want to go to the gym so I delete the email. I get halfway through my workout while listening to Pandora I hear a commercial for Dominoes.  I leave the gym around 7:30 and check my phone and there is another email from Dominoes.


To the naked eye this might seem like overkill from dominoes marketing but to a marketer this is perfect. Dominoes had 4 touch points at some of the busy food times of the day. Using multiple channels to reach the customer(s) is the definition of holistic marketing. Holistic marketing has to be more than just using multiple channels to reach the customer.


The reason I use Dominoes pizza as an example is because they know their customers. They market to their customers on the channels they use and at the time they start thinking about making a purchase decision.


In today’s marketing age with all the data marketing departments have, holistic marketing has to be looked at as more than just advertising on multiple channels. Holistic marketing has to be looked at as placing a conversational message on channels that customers will listen to. That channel might be banner ads, email, Pandora, radio, TV, billboards, etc. The phrase “less is more”, needs to always be on the table when thinking about marketing. If advertisements are not placed accurately it could have negative affects on the product, service or brand.


This all comes back to what the 1 thing every marketing department needs in order to be successful at holistic marketing. Knowing the customer. There is no way around it. Knowing what channels the audience is listening to and what channels they trust is what will break through the noise.


Knowing the target audience can give a company the ability to create a more powerful marketing message. Having a more powerful message that breaks through the noise can allow a company to not waste money on channels that are not effective.


Companies need to realize it is not about quantity it is about quality.



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