Sanford Whiteman

“Tested in Chrome” is still not enough (*sigh*)

Blog Post created by Sanford Whiteman on Feb 22, 2017

     If you've wondered why devs still ask you for the “OS, browser vendor, and browser version” after all these years, when browser features seem so converged: it's cases like this!


     Was troubleshooting some fancy-schmancy Forms 2.0 JS using Cross-Browser Testing. I never reproduced the specific misbehavior that had been reported (turned out to be due to the usual form-post-to-database delay), but I did accidentally discover something else while testing across browser versions (CBT is great at providing a wide range of older releases on their boxes).


     Observe, in the top row, Chrome 51 and Chrome 52, and in the bottom row, Chrome 53 and Chrome 54. Pictured OS happens to be Mac OSX 10.11, but same results on Windows 8.1 and 10:




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