Content is NOT King, The NFL Proved It

Blog Post created by 8c5e079ed51e8db7d68178e80ffae1da00021ef7 on Feb 14, 2017


Recently I received an email talking about how good the New England Patriots are and how I should purchase season tickets.



The article contained statistics and numbers about how good Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are. It also talked about the game day experience and what to expect at the game.

Great! I love data and hearing about what I can expect if I go to a game.

It had stats, images, testimonials and everything you could ask for in a great piece of content. But there was one glaring mistake. The content was amazing and if content is king then what could be wrong?

I'm a Buffalo Bills fan.

If anybody knows a Bills fan they can tell you how much we dislike the Patriots, especially Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.


Great content is only great when it's used in the correct way. It's easy to say content is king when the right message is presented to the right people at the right time. But if that same great content is given to the wrong people at the wrong time it can make a company/person look uninformed and unprofessional. When that happens content goes from king to jester.


Content can be the most powerful tool any company has at its disposal when it comes to marketing and sales. But as with any tool it must be used correctly or it is worthless. Any asset that sales and marketing has can be called "king" when used correctly and gets amazing results and content is no different.


Note: I deleted the email and did not buy Patriot tickets #GoBills