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Last night, a faithful reader and Marketo champ sent me a DKIM-related question that had a couple of interesting twists and turns. While I figured it out in a few minutes (being steeped in this sort of stuff), it struck me as a perfect “How well do you understand anti-spam/anti-forgery technologies?” puzzle to pose to the more technical part of the community.


I'm feeling relatively flush, so I've decided to award an actual prize to the first reader who answers correctly by this Sunday (12/4).

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When you output a textarea token in an HTML email, you might be surprised that its linebreaks go bye-bye. This really should be expected, as newlines are typically swallowed in HTML unless you have specifically ordered otherwise.


One fix is to use a CSS white-space style override.  I believe that style is honored in all modern mail clients, but you've required the email author to remember to always wrap that token in certain formatting.  Better, I'd think, to give them a token that's already HTML-aware.

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In a series of posts earlier this year I showed that a huge percentage of Marketo customers didn't have a functioning SPF record. Not merely that they didn't have Marketo included in their SPF record — that's unnecessary in most cases — but that their SPF record was broken in general, affecting all email sent from their domain including from corporate HQ.


I was curious if the landscape had changed at all, so I ran another quick checkup today.

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Velocimacros are functions that can be declared at the top of a template or context and reused as many times as you need. Really, the term “macro” doesn't do them justice, since with VTL you can use a wide swath of Java language features, and all that fun stuff can be used inside a #macro too.


While using macros in tiny scripts is probably a sign of overengineering, when I answer questions on the Marketo community I like to structure my code with the user-editable parts (i.e. site-specific strings) at the top and then a comment like ## No need to edit below this line!. (The goal being to make new/non-developers a little less frightened.)


So if at the end of a script you'll want to output a link (as is very common!) you might think about putting a macro at the top to call later...

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