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I'm a big fan of using Text type fields (a.k.a. textareas) to store blocks of JSON. Such fields become a sort of “poor man's custom object,” able to store a bunch of related properties about an event, a set of lead interests, even all the answers to a survey, in just one field.


JSON fields can also be used to transport data for full-fledged custom objects later created within SFDC or Marketo, and they can be used as Velocity Map objects (in emails) and JavaScript objects (on LPs). They're a goldmine for productivity if used well.

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Though Marketo forms use standard HTML input types (which is a very good thing for cross-platform compatibility) there are a few subtypes and niche uses that aren't supported unless you use a little JS to enhance the form.


One of the classic HTML form features is the  <OPTGROUP> tag, which allows you to group together <SELECT> (i.e. picklist) options under a relevant label.

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