Geoff Krajeski

The Importance of Cohesiveness and Communication within Integrated Teams

Blog Post created by Geoff Krajeski Expert on Jan 12, 2016

This should go without saying, but when working with varied teams, group cohesiveness and communication among ALL teams is critical to the success of any project or organization.


A recent challenge that we encountered was mis/non-communication on a spelling change of a key area for our French website.  As a result of this change the main level of our URL structure of the entire Knowledge Center (now knowledge-centre and the French equivalent, when translated) changed, breaking all of our programs that referenced unique content offers at specific URLs within this section of the site.


This was a bad & (slightly) good thing.  It wasn't detected until someone reported a 'broken' content offer that wasn't firing our follow up email about a month after the change was originally made.  After some investigation it was discovered that the URL did not match the referring URL sting and therefore the email was not firing.  Upon fixing that issue in the particular program, we did a little further investigation which led to the finding of many more programs being 'broken'.


Not only did this issue not trigger certain scoring rules and milestones, but unfortunately it required a massive manual overhaul of all of our programs, taking several days to correct the action.  Also, having about a 30 day window where the triggers and resulting flows were broken, it required reporting on who was affected and discussion on what could be done, if anything, to take corrective actions.


Another benefit of this was the in-depth review of our content offers.  This led to discovery of some offers whose corresponding emails were incorrect, as well as some additional non-conforming to naming conventions and such.





Do so more broadly than you may think is necessary, as there may be linked or 'trickle-down' effects as a result of any changes made to a site or other interrelated systems.


Think of teams that may have some interdependency or links to your teams/systems.



Hope no one has to deal with the same issue, but let this be a heads-up just in case!