Geoff Krajeski

How the MCE got me a new and better job!

Blog Post created by Geoff Krajeski Expert on Dec 21, 2015

MCE.jpgI was with a good company before my current role. A global, billion+ dollar earning manufacturing company. The main obstacle? Being a company that grows through acquisitions, and with many of the big "bread winners" originating over 100 years ago there was a constant uphill battle to initiate innovative and progressive changes.  Marketing automation was one of these battles that I helped to lead the charge to try and prove its worth.



As a two-time Summit Award winner, the top achievement for a North American employee, I was sure that we could make things work.  However, going back to the fact that not all the teams were as progressive, fresh, or new, it was difficult to find the proper cases to promote as our kickoff efforts in marketing automation.  Over time we built our persona template, boy there are a lot out there! We learned how to map the content to the right part of the buying life-cycle (stages), and to identify gaps.


The one thing that was severely lacking was the ability to generate rich content. This may be because it was a manufacturer. It also may have been caused by the fact that the tenure of most employees predated the acquisition of their original brand. Furthermore, it may be influenced by a lack of strong content generation centers and reliance on agencies that didn't always do the best job. All that aside, I had reached a ceiling, and other priorities won over the need I felt should take center stage, the demand generation process.


At the same time, my manager at this manufacturing company changed over the course of me working to launch the web store. She had previous experience with Marketo and the demand generation process of her prior company. We quickly looked for ways to invigorate and inspire change in behavior and connections throughout our sales and telemarketing (more like inside sales than dialing for dollars) organizations.


She urged me and a few colleagues to attend the Marketo Summit in April of 2015, where I took my first Marketo Certified Expert exam. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the exam at that time, but gained a wealth of knowledge and connections that inspired me further to push on with the effort surrounding marketing automation. My manager told me to keep trying and take it again as she knew it would only open up a realm of potential opportunities for me.


By the end of June I had completed my retake and successfully passed!  This was just as I was coming to the point of having launched a second phase of the web store, for which I won one the second of my two Summit Awards, and had gotten some basic up-sell/cross-sell campaigns started to really get the automation engine going.


Within less than a month of passing the MCE, I was contacted by the hiring manager at my new role. At the time I was interested in the opportunity and role of Marketing Automation Specialist, but not the commute of nearly 3 hours one-way to the office in Jersey City! I thanked her and politely declined at that time.


About a month and a half later, I was contacted by a recruiter about a role that sounded strikingly similar to the one I had declined previously. Again I said that I was not ready to relocate and that I was going to politely decline again. A day later the recruiter reached back out with a tantalizing offer that this role could be 100% remote. That piqued my attention!


Some back and forth in the contract negotiations aside, I accepted a wonderful offer! I have joined Revvie nominated team at PRNewswire as their Marketing Automation Specialist, proving that the Marketo Certified Expert exam truly does pay off!