• Smart list membership status incomplete

    Hi all,   Hope someone can answer this one. I have a live event where people can become members through an email invitation, but also from social channels and organic traffic to the subscription page. I have cre...
    Katja Keesom
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  • Best discount code for summit!: MarketoMugNL

    Dear MUG NL members, There are several discount codes. The best codes drop the price for the Adobe EMEA summit to 995 pounds. That also applies for our own code "MarketoMugNL". Please make sure you use that code as ...
    Diederik Martens
    created by Diederik Martens
  • Global Marketing Operations contractor role

    We're looking for a Marketing Ops Specialist for a 6 month role with strong possibility to extend. The role could be based in Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore or Atlanta. If you're interested take a look at the job desc...
  • 2018 user group meeting dates are in!

    We just picked the dates for the marketo user group meetings in 2018. You'll quickly discover a new approach. Less meetings, but longer in duration. Also 1 virtual meeting: https://nation.marketo.com/events/2380-n...
    Diederik Martens
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  • Best practices Real-Time Personalization

    Hi all, We are currently working on a better implementation of our Marketo Real-Time Personalization & Predictive Content platform on our website and in emails. We are looking for tips, ideas and best practices....
    Marit Rossing
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  • Introduction

    Hi everyone,   I'm Henrik, I just joined the Partner Program at Marketo as an independent consultant. I focus on helping B2B software companies with getting and keeping more customers. Usually this means deployi...
  • Marketo support

    Hi, Ik ben op dit moment werkzaam als Digital Marketeer bij Unit4 in Utrecht en ben op zoek naar Marketo ondersteuning vanwege de hoeveelheid Marketo werk. Is er iemand in de groep een paar dagen beschikbaar om als f...
  • Issue with submitting form

    Hi all,   Is anyone having troubles with submitting forms lately? At least we (Deloitte Netherlands) do.   Case is: someone is trying to fill out a form, clicks on the submit button, but nothing happens. N...
  • RE: NL - Marketo User Group Meeting

    Whoops! It's March 14th! Not April 14th. So next Tuesday!
    Diederik Martens
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  • Join our Whattsapp group!

    15 people from the Dutch user group already submitted their mobile number to be added to a Whatsapp group. We won't SPAM you. And I urge everyone not to spam too. We plan to send you a Whatsapp for every upcoming user...
    Diederik Martens
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  • Fill Out the Marketo User Group Member Survey!

    Hi MUG Members,   Please fill out the Marketo User Group Member Survey to get more insight into who is attending our User Groups and topics that you would find interesting for upcoming meetings. The survey will c...
  • Not using the Community that much? Are you available for a short 20 minute interview with Marketo?

    Marketo's Community manager has used the interviews with seasoned users for improving the Community. But they would like to interview a few Marketo users who aren't (frequently) using the Community to ask for their in...
    Diederik Martens
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  • Marketing Automation Specialist - London/Paris/Remote

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    Charles THIERY
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  • Who wants to share at the next Marketo meeting (july 5th)

    Hi Dutch Marketo user group members!   Who would like to share something during the next meeting in Den Bosch on July 5th? It doesn't have to be a presentation. It can also be verbal or a demo of your instance. ...
    Diederik Martens
    created by Diederik Martens
  • Staying sane with a million campaigns

    Hi all!   I have a new blog post that discusses how I organize campaign requests and timelines, along with the systems I use!   Staying sane with a million marketing campaigns   Let me know what yo...
  • Marketo integration with Event Plattform

    Hi all!   I'd love to pick your brain and start a conversation around a new use of Marketo: events. I am curious to know what possibilities you see in this and how you can imagine using live engagement data thro...
  • Marketo start

    Hi all, I am new to this group and also to Marketo for about two weeks now I've been busy with the basics of this wonderful tool. Due to my technical knowlegde it's not that hard to understand how the tool works but t...
  • User group meeting at Tesla Netherlands

    Here's the group picture we took at Tesla Netherlands today, before we started the factory tour. I'll share the slides Philippe presented as soon as possible. See you next time (check the agenda!).  
    Diederik Martens
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  • Next MUG is on Wednesday, not Tuesday!

    The next MUG, at Tesla Tilburg, is on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.
    Diederik Martens
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  • newbee basic marketo question

    folks,   we started with marketo just on 1st july, we just send out our 3rd mail campaign (on rented list), and i'll have some basic questions as marketo is 4 % of my job   should i raise them here or in t...