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5 sample questions from Program Fundamentals!

Blog Post created by Sant Singh Rathaur on Jan 18, 2019

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5 questions from Program & Fundamentals section. As name suggest, this section is completely focussed on campaign execution. Such as: program types, learn everything about program, program status, channels, which program type should be used where, how lead status sufftles, engagement program, segmentation and smart list, A/B testing, webinar, checkin app etc.


As promised here are your 5 questions:



Q. 1. You need to mark individuals as attended as they show up to your customer appreciation dinner. Which channel and program type should you use?

a. Webinar channel and Event program type
b. Email Send channel and Email program type
c. Live Event channel and Event program type
d. Operational program channel and Default program type


Q. 2. You want to track a gated piece of content on your company website for number of form fills and new names. Which channel would you select?
a. Website
b. Web form
c. Default
d. Engagement

Q. 3. You wish to stop sending out content to a group of individuals in an existing engagement program. Which of the following approaches should you take?
a. Archive the content in the engagement program
b. Remove the leads from the program
c. Change the program's cadence
d. Pause the leads in the program



Q. 4. What is the difference between segmentations and smart lists?
a. A lead can exist in multiple segments but not in multiple smart lists
b. Smart lists can be used in smart campaigns while segmentations cannot
c. Segmentations can be used to create dynamic content while smart lists cannot
d. Smart lists can be used as a filter option when creating an email program while segmentations cannot
e. Smart lists are not mutually exclusive but segments are


Q. 5. Which of the following webinar partners does Marketo not integrate with?
a. Cvent
b. GoToWebinar
c. Brightalk
d. Adobe Connect
e. ON24
f. ReadyTalk
g. Webex

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