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5 sample questions from Analytics & Reporting!

Blog Post created by Sant Singh Rathaur on Jan 18, 2019

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As I promised, I am here with the next 5 questions from analytics & reporting section. As name suggest, this section is completely focussed on analytics. Such as: Importance of acquisition program and impact, Custom column in lead report, Database growth, Look at every report is detail (smart list, setup, which report gives you what data, report from specific webpage/landing page, timeframe etc).


Q. 1. How can you determine which leads filled out the form on a specific landing page?

a. Create a Landing Page Performance Report
b. Create a form submission list in the Design Studio
c. Create a smart list using the filter ‘Filled out form’ with the constraint of ‘Web page’
d. Create a smart list using the filter ‘Visited Web Page’ with the constraint of ‘Form = true”



Q. 2. You want to analyse marketing’s overall lead generation efforts to grow the database over the past three years. Which report type should you run?

a. Program Analyzer
b. Leads by Status report
c. Lead Performance report
d. Leads by Revenue Stage report
e. Opportunity Influence Analyzer

Q. 3. If you want to figure out how many people converted on a Marketo landing page, which report would you use?
a. Landing Page Performance

b. Web Page Activity
c. Program Performance
d. Lead Performance

Q. 4. Which of the following are columns that you can add in an Email Performance report? (Choose all that apply)
a. Hard Bounced

b. Soft Bounced
c. Unsubscribed
d. Engagement Score
e. Clicked

Q. 5. True or false: In Lead Performance reports, you can group by company or lead attributes.
a. True
b. False

Submit your answers in the comment and then we can have further conversation. I will get you the correct answer after receiving your comment.


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