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5 sample questions from Admin & Operational!

Blog Post created by Sant Singh Rathaur on Jan 18, 2019

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5 questions from Admin & Operational section. As name suggest, this section is completely focussed on admin related tasks. Such as: different spam laws for data collection and communicating with them, SPF & DKIM setup, data management, email types, hard bounce and soft bounce, field visibility rules, understand the marketo form completely, utm parameters, landing page setting, marketo embed code, unsubscribe setting etc.


As promised here are your 5 questions:


Q. 1. You need to comply with US spam legislation. Which of the following subscription management approaches is the most commonly used?
a. Opt-out

b. Opt-in
c. Double opt-in


Q. 2. Which of the following differs when importing a list of leads directly into a program (as opposed to importing into a static list)?
a. Program acquisition

b. List import mode
c. Import aliases
d. Field mappings

Q. 3. Which of the following is not a benefit of using Marketo forms?
a. Prevents duplicates in Marketo

b. Allows you to prepopulate data that you already have
c. Allows you to gather extra information over time instead of asking the same questions
d. Lets you have complete control over the look and feel of the form



Q. 4. If you intended to ensure that leads always used the same format when entering phone numbers on your form, which functionality would you use?
a. Input masking

b. Hint text
c. Form validation
d. Tooltip instructions


Q. 5. A marketing manager recently launched a landing page with the following URL: The manager is keeping the page content the same, but wants to update the URL to How should this update be done?
a. Edit URL Settings

b. Enable Personalized URLs
c. Open URL Builder in Admin
d. Generate a private preview URL


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