Robust SetUp between Marketo and SFDC

Blog Post created by ea1731bdbbb2503ce34ad9aec99b1ce0cc04ffeb on Jun 9, 2016

In our case we use the SFDC database as the leading database. When a known customer fills in a Form in Marketo it can be happen that something will be overwritten in SFDC. Par example: In SFDC First name Jan will be overwritten with Jane by filling in a Form on a Landing Page! This can make your SFDC database corrupt. Even when in SFDC more then one Contacts by a Company have the same  such called "info@" email address can create a lot of errors.


Solution can be to setup some Shadow Fields in Marketo witch can be used in Forms:



And then follow/setup the following flow in Marketo:


We are now working on this. As soon as implemented I will show the results.


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Pieter van Dijken