Thanks for all the nice meetings

Blog Post created by e92b284645af21c5bbf377ab875c93f7db9ac5ec on Apr 21, 2016

Hi Everyone,

As I will be leaving LeaseWeb at the end of May, I would like to thank you all for the nice User Group meetings we have had.

I will be going to work at RTL Nederland and they use SmartFocus instead of Marketo. This unfortunately means that I'll be leaving the User Group as well.


The User Groups are a great source of information, so Diederik and Stijn, please keep up the good work!


If anyone would be interested in taking my place at LeaseWeb, please find the job opening here:



LeaseWeb might be open for a freelancer temporary replacing me as well, so me or Tristan can get you in contact if you wish.


Once again thanks!