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It's been one month since Adobe Summit EMEA in London. A few user group members were there (e.g. Bas, Katja, Diederik, Marit, Arjen, Anne-Marie, Fianna, Joke, Alexandra, and Jacques). 


Curious what you might have missed from the Adobe sessions and the pre-summit sessions that were hosted by Onemedia and Chapman Bright? If so, you can watch the aftermovie Chapman Bright created below:

Reference URL for previous topic: Program Fundamentals!

Here are the next
5 questions from Program & Fundamentals section. As name suggest, this section is completely focussed on campaign execution. Such as: program types, learn everything about program, program status, channels, which program type should be used where, how lead status sufftles, engagement program, segmentation and smart list, A/B testing, webinar, checkin app etc.


As promised here are your 5 questions:



Q. 1. You need to mark individuals as attended as they show up to your customer appreciation dinner. Which channel and program type should you use?

a. Webinar channel and Event program type
b. Email Send channel and Email program type
c. Live Event channel and Event program type
d. Operational program channel and Default program type


Q. 2. You want to track a gated piece of content on your company website for number of form fills and new names. Which channel would you select?
a. Website
b. Web form
c. Default
d. Engagement

Q. 3. You wish to stop sending out content to a group of individuals in an existing engagement program. Which of the following approaches should you take?
a. Archive the content in the engagement program
b. Remove the leads from the program
c. Change the program's cadence
d. Pause the leads in the program



Q. 4. What is the difference between segmentations and smart lists?
a. A lead can exist in multiple segments but not in multiple smart lists
b. Smart lists can be used in smart campaigns while segmentations cannot
c. Segmentations can be used to create dynamic content while smart lists cannot
d. Smart lists can be used as a filter option when creating an email program while segmentations cannot
e. Smart lists are not mutually exclusive but segments are


Q. 5. Which of the following webinar partners does Marketo not integrate with?
a. Cvent
b. GoToWebinar
c. Brightalk
d. Adobe Connect
e. ON24
f. ReadyTalk
g. Webex

Submit your answers below in the comment and then we can have further conversation. I will get you the correct answer after receiving your comment.

With best,

Sant Singh Rathaur


Reference URL for previous topic: Lead Lifecycle

As I promised, I am here with the next 5 questions from analytics & reporting section. As name suggest, this section is completely focussed on analytics. Such as: Importance of acquisition program and impact, Custom column in lead report, Database growth, Look at every report is detail (smart list, setup, which report gives you what data, report from specific webpage/landing page, timeframe etc).


Q. 1. How can you determine which leads filled out the form on a specific landing page?

a. Create a Landing Page Performance Report
b. Create a form submission list in the Design Studio
c. Create a smart list using the filter ‘Filled out form’ with the constraint of ‘Web page’
d. Create a smart list using the filter ‘Visited Web Page’ with the constraint of ‘Form = true”



Q. 2. You want to analyse marketing’s overall lead generation efforts to grow the database over the past three years. Which report type should you run?

a. Program Analyzer
b. Leads by Status report
c. Lead Performance report
d. Leads by Revenue Stage report
e. Opportunity Influence Analyzer

Q. 3. If you want to figure out how many people converted on a Marketo landing page, which report would you use?
a. Landing Page Performance

b. Web Page Activity
c. Program Performance
d. Lead Performance

Q. 4. Which of the following are columns that you can add in an Email Performance report? (Choose all that apply)
a. Hard Bounced

b. Soft Bounced
c. Unsubscribed
d. Engagement Score
e. Clicked

Q. 5. True or false: In Lead Performance reports, you can group by company or lead attributes.
a. True
b. False

Submit your answers in the comment and then we can have further conversation. I will get you the correct answer after receiving your comment.


With best,

Sant Singh Rathaur

Reference URL for previous topic: Analytics & Reporting!

Here are the next
5 questions from Admin & Operational section. As name suggest, this section is completely focussed on admin related tasks. Such as: different spam laws for data collection and communicating with them, SPF & DKIM setup, data management, email types, hard bounce and soft bounce, field visibility rules, understand the marketo form completely, utm parameters, landing page setting, marketo embed code, unsubscribe setting etc.


As promised here are your 5 questions:


Q. 1. You need to comply with US spam legislation. Which of the following subscription management approaches is the most commonly used?
a. Opt-out

b. Opt-in
c. Double opt-in


Q. 2. Which of the following differs when importing a list of leads directly into a program (as opposed to importing into a static list)?
a. Program acquisition

b. List import mode
c. Import aliases
d. Field mappings

Q. 3. Which of the following is not a benefit of using Marketo forms?
a. Prevents duplicates in Marketo

b. Allows you to prepopulate data that you already have
c. Allows you to gather extra information over time instead of asking the same questions
d. Lets you have complete control over the look and feel of the form



Q. 4. If you intended to ensure that leads always used the same format when entering phone numbers on your form, which functionality would you use?
a. Input masking

b. Hint text
c. Form validation
d. Tooltip instructions


Q. 5. A marketing manager recently launched a landing page with the following URL: The manager is keeping the page content the same, but wants to update the URL to How should this update be done?
a. Edit URL Settings

b. Enable Personalized URLs
c. Open URL Builder in Admin
d. Generate a private preview URL


Submit your answers below in the comment and then we can have further conversation. I will get you the correct answer after receiving your comment.

With best,

Sant Singh Rathaur

Hi All,


The Robust Setup between Marketo and SFDC is running! After the  introduction of a new thermostat we could see who is a known Contact, a known Lead (both in SFDC) or even a brand new Lead (only in Marketo)!


Rules are setup to converted a Lead to a Lead in SFDC (based on NAW data, Lead Score etc. Postal code is used to select the right contact owner)


The introduced Shadow Fields are now adopted in Belgium, France and the Nordics.


If you need more information please contact me.


Kind regards Pieter

Hi All,


We worked ******* the implementation of such called shadow fields in Marketo. These fields are not in sync with SFDC.

We created the following fields:


Use this fields in your Form and there will be no sync issues in SFDC.


When a Form is filled out, the MKTO will be changed.

Based on that change we trigger a Smart Campaign in which we create a Task in SFDC - where we show the Shadow Fields and the SFDC Fields for SFDC Contact or SFDC Leads - for the Lead Owner (= SFDC Contact Owner). He can decide to change the SFDC field(s) if necessary.

Changes are then done in SFDC, after synchronization they will be transferred to Marketo.


If you need more specified information, feel free to take contact with me.


Kind regards, Pieter

In our case we use the SFDC database as the leading database. When a known customer fills in a Form in Marketo it can be happen that something will be overwritten in SFDC. Par example: In SFDC First name Jan will be overwritten with Jane by filling in a Form on a Landing Page! This can make your SFDC database corrupt. Even when in SFDC more then one Contacts by a Company have the same  such called "info@" email address can create a lot of errors.


Solution can be to setup some Shadow Fields in Marketo witch can be used in Forms:



And then follow/setup the following flow in Marketo:


We are now working on this. As soon as implemented I will show the results.


Kind regards,


Pieter van Dijken

Hi Everyone,

As I will be leaving LeaseWeb at the end of May, I would like to thank you all for the nice User Group meetings we have had.

I will be going to work at RTL Nederland and they use SmartFocus instead of Marketo. This unfortunately means that I'll be leaving the User Group as well.


The User Groups are a great source of information, so Diederik and Stijn, please keep up the good work!


If anyone would be interested in taking my place at LeaseWeb, please find the job opening here:


LeaseWeb might be open for a freelancer temporary replacing me as well, so me or Tristan can get you in contact if you wish.


Once again thanks!




I created a Standard workflow to check after each Campaign the Email Invalid email addresses and the Unsubscribers.


Smart Lists of Email Invalid will be send to the secretariat and theywill try to correct the email address in Salesforce. After correction in Salesforce we setup a triggered Campaign to set Email Invalid back to False. Unsubcsribers list will send to the Outside Sales.


If you need more info please let me know.