• Code42 is looking for a Marketing Automation Manager

    My team is hiring an experienced Marketo Admin. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, eager to grow, and excited to take part in a dynamic team that drives change in the organization.   Take a look at...
    Xander Broeffle
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  • September MUG Wrap-Up - New MUG platform

    Hey all!   Sorry for the delay, but wanted to give a big thanks to everyone that came out to Code42 last month for the Minneapolis MUG! Thanks as well to Katy Olson and Code42 for hosting and for the engaging pr...
    Scott Ryan
    created by Scott Ryan
  • Arctic Wolf is Hiring

    I'm looking for a creative and analytical marketing automation specialist to join our business operations team at Arctic Wolf Networks in Eden Prairie. You will collaborate closely with cross functional teams in ...
    Shari Horton
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  • ABM workshop and discount

    Hello all!   A great event coming up to learn from Anaplan, Calabrio, Capsule, and Code42 about Account-Based Marketing. It's a hands-on, instructor-led workshop that breaks down ABM and helps you create a ...
  • Any Job Openings

    Hello, I've recently been laid off from my current position and I'm looking for a new position. I would preferably like to work in the NE metro or in either downtown. I have about 3 years of Marketo experience and 5 ...
    Ian Martinez-Christian
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  • Spotify Marketo Playlist: Add Your Tunes!

    Give it a listen, then add your fav electro/tech/dance tunes and follow if you'd like.  Marketo Jams on Spotify    I believe this is the only Marketo playlist in Spotify. Let's make it a good one...
    Jared Eliason
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  • Minneapolis Marketo User Group - September, 2019

    9/12/19 7:00 AM
    Hello fellow Marketo users! We hope you’ve had a great start to the summer so far! We’re excited to host our next Minneapolis User Group meeting on Thursday, September 12. Join us to hear how a fellow M...
    Christina Lefebvre
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    Minneapolis Marketo User Group - September, 2019
  • Hiring: Digital Marketing Specialist

    Compeer Financial is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist to be based out of our MN, IL or WI offices. This role will focus primarily working within Marketo. Compeer is an amazing company to work for and...
    Jen Flom
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  • Breakfast & Learning: Email Deliverability Best Practices

    7/30/19 7:00 AM
    You're invited! Join us for our July 30th breakfast session where we'll review the ins-and-outs of email deliverability and provide best practices for design to deployment.    Email Deliverability Best Prac...
    Aimee LaBree Hohn
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    Breakfast & Learning: Email Deliverability Best Practices
  • Marketo Certified Solutions Architect Workshop coming to MPLS!

    Hey all!   A great local opportunity for those of you who work with organizations that are Marketo Partners. Learn how to get your Marketo Certified Solutions Architect credential (MCSA) on July 16-17 in Eagan,...
  • ABM Deep Dish Lunch

    Hello all!   Leadous will be hosting a complimentary learning and networking lunch on May 15th featuring Freida Bou, a Marketo Solutions Consultant. Would love to see you there! To learn more and register, vis...
  • MUG: Programs within Programs within Programs

    Hello all and thanks for attending today's MUG meeting! I've attached the slides we reviewed so you can learn more about working with embedded programs.
    Aimee LaBree Hohn
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  • Job Opportunity: Marketing Automation Specialist in Minneapolis

    I'm looking to hire a Marketing Automation Specialist in Minneapolis, MN. PD: http://hrbrg.co/cQ6ZiK   Please reach out if you are interested!
    Carly Wirkus
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  • HIRING: Remote opportunity for a Dynamic Marketo Admin

    Hey all,   I'm looking for a Marketo rockstar to join my growing team at GuidePoint Security. This is a great opportunity to jump in and begin building a strategic instance from the ground up!  Check out th...
    Shayla Henke
    created by Shayla Henke
  • Next meeting?

    Hey friends, When is our next MUG get - together? Katy
    Katy Olson
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  • Experience with durable unsub

    Hi all,   Does anyone have any experience with the Durable Unsub function? I know the documentation says it works, but I'd like to verify if possible.   My company needs to clean up our DB by quite a bit ...
  • ORM Technologies - Dashboard Screenshots

    Christina Lefebvre
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  • ORM Technologies MUG Presentation Slides

    Christina Lefebvre
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  • Nov 6 MUG - Housekeeping Slides

    Christina Lefebvre
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  • Another MUG Contest!

    Here are some short videos from Marketo! If you comment on 2 of them with a question or feedback, and hashtag our group #mplsmug - then we are entered! The videos are short and interesting.   Marketo Fearless F...