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Hello fellow Manufacturing Marketo Users,


We had a great session with Bruce McDuffee this past Thursday... It was a great way to cover the basics of Engagement Programs and it opened up some discussion on some of the more advanced features in Engagement Programs. Please feel free to start a group discussion thread and I'll be actively looking for those answers too!


Questions for further discussion:

Does anyone in the group have answers (or can find answers) to the following questions. We'd welcome your participation:

  1. What kind of programs can you place within engagement streams and what are the benefits for that?
  2. What is the maximum number of Streams that an Engagement Program can handle?
  3. How is Engagement Score calculated?


March 2018 VMUG Slides

Download slides


March 2018 VMUG recording

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Hi everyone,


This is a kind reminder that our next event is today at 5pm. Bruce McDuffee will be presenting on Engagement Programs. We hope to see you there... we have some pretty exciting news specifically for manufacturers that are a part of this group and want to go to Marketo Summit this year!


Here's a link to our online meeting room:

Meeting Registration - Zoom