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Republished from A Digital Marketers Guide to Domain Names - The Conversion Store


Domain names are truly the root of your online brand identity and thus they’re very important to your digital marketing efforts. After all, who types into their browser just to get to Apple’s website? 


However, marketers often get lost in the technical terms when working with IT to do the initial setup for a new marketing technology tool like Marketo. Let’s dive into a quick overview of these terms to help you navigate the waters of your Domain Name Server (DNS Server, for short).


Why should Marketers care about domain names anyways?

Here are some important things that domain names run behind the scenes in your digital marketing

  • Search engines use them to determine reputation information to drive visitors to quality sites like yours using SEO techniques
  • They’re used for Email Deliverability for services like Gmail to check incoming messages and filter our spam or phishing emails. Marketing emails sent with your Gmail account are more likely to be filtered than with your domain name.
  • They help you verify brand ownership. Many marketing services, tools, and websites use domain names to validate that you’re a legitimately represent a brand. LinkedIn Company Pages require an email with a branded domain, Google Search Console uses a TXT value in a domain to verify a new account.
  • Consumers use your domain name to match brand ownership. If you want to create a brand extension or a line extension in your marketing program, a subdomain or a webpage on your existing domain tells a consumer about a new product before they’ve even seen it. For example, what product will you find on the URL,


What are the typical records I need to know as a Digital Marketer?

DNS Record

What they do



More commonly known as subdomain names. Set up a CNAME if you want a subdomain to point to a different location than your home page.  Marketo uses CNAMES for all of the email links or landing pages created in the platform.


This points to your corporate email server. Typically this is used by your employees to set up email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Mail in MacOS, but it’s also used for deliverability checks using SPF records. is GoDaddy’s default MX record on new domains


A text string up to 255 characters that provide custom information about your domain. Marketo uses these entries for SPF and DKIM deliverability values on new domains. You’ll also use a TXT entry for DMARC values.

Note:a TXT entry on your DNS server is different than making a TXT text file in Notepad and then uploading it on your Web server.

The SPF value for the above new default domain on GoDaddy would be:

“v=spf1 mx ip4: ~all”


A stands for Address records. They point a Domain to a particular IP address for an online server like an e-commerce server or a database server that’s different than your web server. Usually these are set by your IT group so don’t worry about them unless you have a specific reason to do so

Usually a DNS server will have an A record with the header @ which points to your web server

“Why do I need to wait for my IT team to make these changes?”

If you look at the article on setting up your domain name in Marketo, HubSpot, or other automation systems they usually recommend that you work with your IT team to update your domain name settings. Oftentimes, we hear marketers wonder “Can I just do this myself and not bother my IT team?” It’s very important that your IT team is involved in DNS changes for the following reasons:

  1. Domain names are used in many key systems across larger companies and IT can prevent incorrect or conflicting information that may shut down these systems
  2. IT is ultimately responsible for protecting the security on your domain, not just in the present but also with any future security issues as well.
  3. They usually own the domain name server anyways and you’ll need their password to log in and make the necessary changes

With some technical knowledge, Digital Marketers can better participate in these conversations with IT to help reduce the time to set up their domain names and expand the way they use the domain names they own to reach their audiences.


Michael Tucker headshot

About Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker runs The Conversion Store, a Marketing Technology Consultancy based in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in helping enterprises migrate and deploy marketing automation software. He is the Leader of the Manufacturing Marketo Virtual User Group, and a Marketo Certified Expert.

Hello Marketo Nation,


Tomorrow at 12pm PST / 3pm EST, Elliott Lowe at RingLead will presenting at our Manufacturing Virtual User Group. We'd love to see you online to join our interactive discussion on this topic. Plus, we'll give you the latest information that we have about Marketo Summit.


You can find the event details on our community page 10 Ways to Improve Your Database Quality and register to access the meeting room here:


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Hello fellow Manufacturing Marketo Users,


We had a great session with Bruce McDuffee this past Thursday... It was a great way to cover the basics of Engagement Programs and it opened up some discussion on some of the more advanced features in Engagement Programs. Please feel free to start a group discussion thread and I'll be actively looking for those answers too!


Questions for further discussion:

Does anyone in the group have answers (or can find answers) to the following questions. We'd welcome your participation:

  1. What kind of programs can you place within engagement streams and what are the benefits for that?
  2. What is the maximum number of Streams that an Engagement Program can handle?
  3. How is Engagement Score calculated?


March 2018 VMUG Slides

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March 2018 VMUG recording

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Hi everyone,


This is a kind reminder that our next event is today at 5pm. Bruce McDuffee will be presenting on Engagement Programs. We hope to see you there... we have some pretty exciting news specifically for manufacturers that are a part of this group and want to go to Marketo Summit this year!


Here's a link to our online meeting room:

Meeting Registration - Zoom

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 9, 2016 -- Marketo, Inc., the leading provider of marketing software and solutions, is reaching new customers in the manufacturing industry, helping them to transform their approach to marketing and more closely align with the sales revenue cycle. In the first three quarters of 2016, 150 manufacturing customers from around the world have chosen, expanded, or renewed their relationship with Marketo, highlighting the increasing appetite for innovation among forward-looking manufacturers.


In a sector at the very cutting edge of technology, it's crucial that the marketing department operates ahead of the curve and in support of its sales team. The challenge facing many manufacturers is that while prospective customers present high value, one lost customer is costly for the business as a whole. Retention as a revenue-driver is key, and relationships need to be meticulously handled as the number of channels and customer touchpoints continues to multiply. In order to do this at scale, and to help sales teams identify product interest much earlier in the sales cycle, manufacturing marketers must lean on technology and automation.


Manufacturing customers that recently selected or extended their footprint with Marketo include:

  • Ansell Limited: As a global leader in protection solutions, Ansell is a pioneer in introducing new technology and designs to the medical and industrial fields. Ansell's vision is to create a world where people and products enjoy optimal protection against the risks to which they are exposed. Since beginning work with Marketo five years ago, the Australian-based company has boosted email open rates and had a revenue impact on the business as a whole. Ansell is now expanding its use of Marketo, rolling out the technology in all regions in order to drive global engagement with prospective and current customers.
  • Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG): For more than 65 years, Bishop-Wisecarver Group has provided linear and rotary motion solutions to a broad range of international customers. After their previous marketing automation company was acquired, BWG knew they needed a solution that would continue to work well with their preferred CRM tools. Marketo's open platform approach offered BWG the integration and functionality they were looking for to enhance their customer relationships. Since implementing Marketo earlier this year, BWG has benefitted from improved lead scoring, clearer email analytics, and the shared knowledge of Marketo's greater customer and partner base.
  • Lennox International: Lennox, which extended its relationship with Marketo earlier this year, has more than quadrupled the number of groups within the company using the platform to power their marketing. Marketo allows Lennox to consistently communicate to customers at scale, as well as a standardize how it quantifies marketing's business impact. Most recently, Lennox generated more than $3 million in revenue via a Marketo campaign that automatically reached out to customers who hadn't made a purchase in several months.


Additionally, in Japan, global industrial machinery manufacturer Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., joined the Marketing Nation earlier this year.

"Marketo has provided Ansell with the ability to measure how our marketing team is using digital technology to drive revenue results," says Mitchell Mackey, marketing director, Ansell. "We've been able to use our results in Australia and New Zealand to benchmark how our Ansell teams should be performing around the world, which gives us a singular view of digital marketing success."


"We have taken advantage of the amazing features available on the Marketo platform, from real-time engagement updates to trigger campaigns, to reach out to our customer base in a meaningful and timely way," says Melsha Winchester, marketing director, Bishop-Wisecarver Group. "BWG is committed to providing current and potential customers with the personal service and details they need to make informed decisions. Marketo's ability to support multiple CRM systems allowed us to continue using the tools we trust without slowing down our communications momentum."


"Marketo now powers many marketing activities within Lennox in North America, touching sales, individual store managers, and most importantly our customers," says Quan Nguyen, vice president, Marketing, Lennox International. "Marketo's detailed reporting makes it easy to see which of our campaigns are the most effective, while its strong connection into our CRM ensures that our work directly fuels sales across the enterprise."


According to McKinsey, the manufacturing sector is worth an estimated $4.2 trillion in the United States alone. By enabling manufacturing CMOs to make the appropriate changes within their organizations and work with sales more effectively, Marketo is driving a new and more effective sales cycle for the industry.


To learn more about how Marketo helps manufacturers, visit


About Marketo

Marketo provides the leading engagement marketing software and solutions designed to help marketers develop long-term relationships with their customers - from acquisition to advocacy. Marketo is built for marketers, by marketers and is setting the innovation agenda for marketing technology. Marketo puts Marketing First. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices around the world, Marketo serves as a strategic partner to large enterprise and fast-growing small companies across a wide variety of industries. To learn more about Marketo's Engagement Marketing Platform, LaunchPoint® partner ecosystem, and the vast community that is the Marketo Marketing Nation®, visit



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