Gerard Donnelly

Text versions of your 2.0 emails. (Copy From HTML)

Blog Post created by Gerard Donnelly on Nov 8, 2017

So I was recently sending out a very specific email for an event when I noticed that the text version of the email did not exist.  Even when I was pushing the "Copy From HTML" button or checking the "Automatically copy from HTML" box nothing was happening.


This is because Email 2.0 will only copy across Marketo editable regions into the text area.  This is a nightmare if the email you are looking to send was custom built by a third party and is just pure html.


How I solved this was a manual process but not too hard.


You need to go into the html view of the email and surround every element you want to show in the text version in an editable div.  See the example below.


<td class="block top-pad" valign="top" style="margin: 0px; font-size: 16px; color: #505152; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; line-height: 1.38em;">

     <div class="mktEditable" id="section-1" style="" mktoname="section-1">

          <p>Tofu umami woke cardigan tbh skateboard, poke selvage. Leggings cold-pressed poke gastropub crucifix PBR&B organic. Occupy keffiyeh chartreuse freegan.</p> <p>Affogato hexagon mlkshk marfa cred truffaut. Pabst lyft hashtag vegan crucifix four loko try-hard hoodie jean shorts cronut mixtape.</p>




I gave each section the same id and mktoname. I used a name with a number so it was quick and easy to change each time I pasted the div code. You also need to make sure that you paste the div within the <td> element or it will not work.


I know this is a quick post but I hope it will help someone experiencing the same issue.