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How to share your tokenized HTML Emails and Landing Pages?

Blog Post created by Axel Baran on Nov 9, 2016

Hello community


So you want to provide someone with the HTML version of your email or landing page. Unfortunately if your emails and landing pages are tokenize, when you save the HTML, you get the tokens instead of the content.


To get the HTML from email you create in your program, you probably have used the feature "download HTML".

download html.PNG

This works fine if your email is not tokenized. if it is you will see the tokens instead of the content of the token.tokens.PNG below


So what is the solution to get it done? Well, it is certainly not straightforward but it is simple once you know the solution.

Viewing  the email in a browser, then copy the HTML seems to work as well. but I prefer to check the HTML in a HTML editor, to make I get the result that is expected.


Let's dive in to see how this can be done:

Preview email.PNG

    • Right click on the email
    • Select View Frame Source (not page source)

view frame source.PNG

    • A new window opens in your browser
      • Copy ALL HTML code.
        • here is an extract


    • Paste the full code into your HTML editor
    • Save the file as single HTML
      • in Microsoft expression, I do not save the image locally as those a linked to Marketo so they would load regardless.
    • You are done.
    • Now you can share your the HTML of your email or landing page easily.





Now your can share the HTML of your email or landing page to anyone who wish to use in their own automation tools or so other platforms.