Axel Baran

How to speed up reporting in Marketo Analytics? Reusable Smart List Hack

Blog Post created by Axel Baran on Sep 30, 2016

So we all know that getting data out of marketo can be very slow sometimes. And Yes, Marketo did announced at the 2016 Marketo Summit that they have a new engine that will make reporting blazing fast. well, until, we are all migrated to the new platform, we have to deal with the sluggish way of getting data out of Marketo, quickly.


I will be very happy when this article become obsolete as it means we can all get reports from Marketo as fast as SFDC can.


Here is what we have done to help us with speed up reporting. And surprisingly, it does work well. So here it goes: we created KEY smart lists that we can use in any analytics reports. Think about you want to report on and start building the smart lists in your Lead Database Section. Smart lists tend to calculate the result pretty quickly, especially if you you one ot two filter attributes. Then by combining each smart lists in your report, the report data gets displayed fairly quickly.


  1. Create your key smart lists
    • Example of smart lists
      • All Marketing generated leads
      • Key countries for each of your geographies could something like
        • US/CAN
        • All Latin America
        • Western Europe
        • Eastern Europe
        • Middle East
        • Australia / New Zealand
        • etc ...
      • All MQL generated
      • All converted leads
      • All Excluded records
      • All customers
      • All Sales Accepted leads (SAL)
      • etc ....
  2. Run your key smart lists at lead once
  3. Combine your smart list to build super smart list if you prefer
    1. so in your report you are calling just one or two smart lists
  4. Combine your smart lists as filters in your reports
    • Use memeber of Smart List filter
  5. Get your report quickly


Here is an example of smart list being combined:

example smart list combined.PNG