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As you know Marketo is a powerful and intuitive marketing automation tool but like any piece of software it is essential to learn how it works and how to deliver tangible results to your organisation.

This practical, hands-on course is aimed at new users of Marketo or those that feel they need a better understanding of the platform and how to use it on a day to day basis.  Ideal for anyone looking to take their Marketo Certified Associate Qualification.

By the end of the two days you will have a thorough knowledge of Marketo and be able to carry out the day to day creation and management of programs with an understanding of how they fit into the lead lifecycle, success reporting and integrates with a CRM.

Places are limited so to find out more or book now:  HERE 

Equinix has a great opportunity for an experienced modern marketer to join the team as a Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations. 


You will play a critical role as a Marketo technical subject matter expert, driving and accelerating prospect and customer marketing initiatives by contributing to our scalable, global, automation and technology processes.  This will include: leading our enterprise-level Marketo marketing automation platform (MAP) strategy and roadmap; ensuring we are evaluating and leveraging automation and technology-related best practices; and working with other marketing leaders to deeply connect Marketo into our other robust integrated marketing tech stack.


For further details and to apply, check out the advert on LinkedIn:




§  This is a great opportunity for an experienced modern marketer to join the team as a Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations.  You will play a critical role as a Marketo technical subject matter expert, driving and accelerating prospect and customer marketing initiatives by contributing to our scalable, global, automation and technology processes.  This will include: leading our enterprise-level Marketo marketing automation platform (MAP) strategy and roadmap; ensuring we are evaluating and leveraging automation and technology-related best practices; and working with other marketing leaders to deeply connect Marketo into our other robust integrated marketing tech stack.

Hello everyone,


NewVoiceMeida ( is recruiting a Marketing Operations Manager, EMEA - looking for Marketo Certified and Salesforce folk! Come and join the Marketing Operations team.


NewVoiceMedia is a Salesforce Premium Partner building the world's leading Salesforce telephony platform. We've got offices across the globe and our HQ in UK is looking for a Marketing Ops Manager to join the Marketing Operations Team.


Job listing here -


If you feel like applying, let us know you saw it via the Nation!

Link to details:



Job Description

Presales Partner Enablement - Channel & Alliance EMEA 

Location: UK with EMEA-wide travel


About the Role

As the Presales Consultant (Partner Enablement Channel & Alliance), you will work with our Regional Channel & Alliance Managers to understand and grow the enablement level of the Marketo partners, as well as make sure the key Marketo partners are supported in building their business with Marketo.

The Presales Consultants work closely with our Sales organisation to provide technical solutions for our prospective and existing customers. Our Presales Consultants are responsible for designing solutions that will address and resolve a customer's business issues, while evoking confidence in our technology platform and removing all technical objections in the sales cycle. The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of how our technology can solve business issues, possess a consultative sales approach, and value the importance of team work. This position is critical to the success of our Sales organisation in describing and showing how we provide cost effective solutions that deliver business value to our clients.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Advance the product knowledge of Marketo partners through education, training, skills transfer and best practices
  • Co-develop client PoC solutions with partners
  • Develop, maintain and extend presales collateral for the global partner enablement framework
  • Promote the value of the Marketo solutions across the partner community
  • Proactively analyse maturity of the partner community
  • Support recruitment and onboarding of new partners
  • Provide ongoing training for Partners
  • Support for partner customers:
    • Drive, own and execute the Marketo enablement programme within partner organizations.
    • Develop increased commitment and Marketo delivery competency and capability within partners.
  • Deliver stellar results in positioning Marketo solutions to the partner eco system, occasionally presenting to customers
  • Demonstrate the Marketo engagement platform and solutions to non-technical marketing and sales audiences
  • Responsible for building and demonstrating technical solutions to prospects’ technical team members
  • Be the expert with Marketo solutions during the sales cycle, while performing customized product demonstrations to our customers and prospects
  • Work with our partner team and collaborate with our sales, marketing and services teams to continually improve our demonstrations, including sales scripts, discovery process, best practices, sharing expertise/training and guiding solution development
  • Collaborate with Partner team in a fast-paced sales environment to identify and uncover customer business goals, needs and pains
  • Demonstrate the value proposition of the Marketo engagement platform and solutions through highly customized product demonstrations
  • Create presentations and product demonstrations for clients ranging from small and mid-market to enterprise level
  • Provide responses to RFPs and RFIs
  • Leverage knowledge of the product to create demonstrations and proof-of-concept use cases for the pre-sales solutions consulting team.
  • Support the Sales Team and Solutions Consulting Team by creating and developing customer facing customer journeys and demonstrations

Required Skills/ Experience:

  • Three-year university/college degree or equivalent experience required
  • Minimum of 3+ years business experience
  • Highly desirable to have 3+ years in a Pre-Sales Solutions Consulting or Digital Marketing role
  • Fluency in languages would be beneficial
  • Desirable to have experience selling SaaS solutions to marketing functions
  • Proficiency at learning SaaS solutions
  • Experience selling Marketing Automation, ESP, or other digital marketing solutions is preferable
  • Must be highly dependable, self-starter, high energy, positive attitude with good organization and time management skills
  • Experience providing solutions to customers
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience presenting and demonstration in person and virtually
  • Proven team player – knows how a great team functions and scales
  • Experience with marketing technology stacks including CMS, ESPs, DMPs and home-grown customer databases


Marketo is an equal opportunity employer

Your opt-in campaign has been sent, your preference centre has been refreshed and your brand new GDPR consent management workflows are now live. What now?

There’s no avoiding the issue. Your database just took a hammering. Your mailing list now has a lot fewer contacts than it used to. You may even be wondering whether you have enough contacts to run outbound email campaigns at all.

Here’s the good news

Your email engagement stats are about to go through the roof. You’ve just lost the section of your database who never opened or clicked anyway. The rest of them are still there, waiting for the next email.

So, take a look at who they are, who they work for and what they’re interested in. Then write your next email for the potential leads among them. Design it in a way which appeals to them, and reference them personally, as well as the issues they care about.

Of course, this is all Marketing 101. You’ve been doing this anyway right? However, in a world where every subscriber is special, relevance is more important than before. Personalisation is now key to a successful email campaign.


It’s important to use the right personalisation approach, targeted at the right audience. To do this, you need to be scientific.

Take your database — both subscribers and customers — and get your data wizards to discover why they are. If you don’t have a data wizard, I know a few.

Build a firmographic profile of your customer base and the successful opportunities you generate. Look at the trends, and the sectors or company types where you’re most successful. Then find more companies which fit the same profile. Run campaigns targeted at these companies.

Also, investigate your activity history and discover the job role and demographic profiles of the people at each customer who first engaged with your brand. Now use the targeting capabilities of your preferred ad platforms to target other individuals with the same profile. Use the AI and lookalike matching capabilities of your platforms to enhance this.


Then speak to these individuals and find out where they heard about your brand, why they engaged with you, and how they interacted. Now post content or place ads on the channels they mention.

Direct your ads back to a landing page. Don’t use your website as a destination, because you need to focus the experience towards serving the content the user wanted, and more like it. The goal is to facilitate content consumption and ultimately conversion. You‘re aiming for an email address and an opt-in. Your website is a barrier to this, as it will contain a lot of irrelevant links and product information that will distract from encouraging conversions.


In the past, you could just add every new form fill to an email nurture. This isn’t possible anymore as forms now need to ask for an opt-in before you can do this. You need to be realistic and acknowledge that the majority will not opt-in. Make sure to offer additional content pst form submission. This is the perfect opportunity for providing the prospect with more content matched to the content that they just consumed. Make any auto-responder emails as relevant as possible, as it may be the only email that you can send them!

Even better is to build out the entire journey online. Map out the entire nurture using landing pages, or a dedicated content platform such as PathFactory. The moment someone finishes consuming one content piece, the link to the next one should be available on-screen. Also, don’t forget to provide a discrete CTA to contact Sales, for when someone wants to take the next step.

There’s no doubt this is a lot harder than batch and blasting emails. GDPR forces marketers to reach out and have conversations with prospective customers on their terms. Yet, designing and building cross-channel customer journeys are exactly what many successful marketers are already doing with strong results. Remember, this is exactly what Marketing Automation was designed to do. So, stop worrying about your next campaign. It’s time to follow the advice of Marketo, with whom we are Gold partners, and become a fearless marketer.

Author: Alan Chatfield - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, CRMT

We understand the challenges global companies face with delivering effective campaigns quickly, at low cost, whilst balancing the need to localize and provide enough flexibility to drive local innovation. So, we have created a 10-step guide to help you on your journey to marketing efficiency and effectiveness at scale.


Our SlideShare provides 10 Steps to Global Marketing Efficiency at Scale, including:

  • Build an efficient production ‘factory’ that will handle day-to-day marketing execution globally.
  • Provide continual training and coaching for the field so they can experience the ‘art of the possible’.
  • Empower a marketing operations function to gain actionable insights from the ‘factory’.


Download your 10 steps now


CRMT have led the way in helping global organisations transform traditionally siloed sales and marketing activities into integrated, agile programmes that deliver efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment. Visit our website to find out more.

If you're a Marketing Operations leader - this is your time to step up and influence big change.


Marketing operations is playing a critical role in the future of global marketing success - they say today's Marketing Ops Leader is tomorrow's CMO.


We’ve developed a Whitepaper that explores how Marketing Operations is quickly becoming the agent of change and enabling:

  • Efficient global marketing execution at scale.
  • Industrialization of shared marketing services.
  • Taming of technology and standardization of processes.

    Download our Whitepaper

CRMT have led the way in helping global organisations transform traditionally siloed sales and marketing activities into integrated, agile programmes that deliver efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment. Visit our website to find out more.


Marketing Operations Analyst


As a key member of Dyn Oracle’s Marketing Operations Team, the Marketing Operations Analyst will be responsible for managing and implementing our digital marketing programs via Marketo. You will be working closely with the Marketing Operations Manager and marketing team to build and optimize digital campaigns for email marketing, lead nurturing, content promotion and events. This position requires a person who is detail-oriented and passionate about getting things done, employing his/her Marketo digital marketing expertise, and being hands on within marketing automation and CRM software.


Key Accountabilities:

  • You will be responsible for implementing and monitoring Marketo programs. This includes coordinating with marketing team to understand requirements, campaign setup, smartlist development, lead scoring, automated lead nurture setup and optimization, building triggers, program analytics and more.
  • Maintain database health - ensure data cleanliness & completeness leveraging tools in Marketo and Salesforce.
  • Own the implementation, vendor relations and reporting of specific marketing programs in collaboration with the Demand Generation team.
  • Apply your marketing operations expertise across the business, with emphasis on lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead management, campaign reporting, and sales enablement.
  • Create reports for the marketing team and leadership on actionable marketing trends


About You:

  • You are highly motivated, collaborative, detail-oriented and obsessed with achieving great results.
  • You are well-rounded and understand marketing best practices around lead generation, lead nurturing and persona-driven marketing.
  • You are a problem solver who is excited about getting to the core of the issue and identifying solutions.
  • You have experience working with multiple groups, specialize in marketing operations, multi-task with agility, and communicate win best “all around.”
  • You plan, organize, schedule and manage in a highly efficient, productive manner.
  • You are a strong communicator with excellent verbal, written, visual/presentation skills.
  • You are an analytical thinker that is always looking for ways to optimize processes and campaigns.


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 4+ years experience with extensive hand-on expertise in the full-range of Marketo or Eloqua capabilities including understanding the demand generation process.
  • Experienced CRM power user
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent combination of education and directly related experience
  • Must have excellent MS Office skills
  • Experience reporting from Salesforce and Marketo or Eloqua
  • Experience managing third party marketing programs, a plus.
  • Core values: trust, passion, performance and respect


You can apply here Marketing Operations Analyst Jobs in Brighton and Hove - Oracle + Dyn - Wired Sussex  or get in touch with Maria Kershaw on

Want to help cancer patients while using your Marketo and other comms skills? This role could be for you... 

Peter Bell

GDPR Updates

Posted by Peter Bell Dec 14, 2017

We've published a number of assets in the past week. Here is a summary of what is now available:



If you've feedback on any of the above, but in particular the Practical Guide then let me know.



So I was recently sending out a very specific email for an event when I noticed that the text version of the email did not exist.  Even when I was pushing the "Copy From HTML" button or checking the "Automatically copy from HTML" box nothing was happening.


This is because Email 2.0 will only copy across Marketo editable regions into the text area.  This is a nightmare if the email you are looking to send was custom built by a third party and is just pure html.


How I solved this was a manual process but not too hard.


You need to go into the html view of the email and surround every element you want to show in the text version in an editable div.  See the example below.


<td class="block top-pad" valign="top" style="margin: 0px; font-size: 16px; color: #505152; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; line-height: 1.38em;">

     <div class="mktEditable" id="section-1" style="" mktoname="section-1">

          <p>Tofu umami woke cardigan tbh skateboard, poke selvage. Leggings cold-pressed poke gastropub crucifix PBR&B organic. Occupy keffiyeh chartreuse freegan.</p> <p>Affogato hexagon mlkshk marfa cred truffaut. Pabst lyft hashtag vegan crucifix four loko try-hard hoodie jean shorts cronut mixtape.</p>




I gave each section the same id and mktoname. I used a name with a number so it was quick and easy to change each time I pasted the div code. You also need to make sure that you paste the div within the <td> element or it will not work.


I know this is a quick post but I hope it will help someone experiencing the same issue.







We are looking to hire a Marketo freelance consultant to help with deployment of engagement programs. I would be very grateful for suggestions or recommendations you could give me.


Best regards,


Gerard Donnelly

Translation Library

Posted by Gerard Donnelly Mar 8, 2017

Over the last few years all these translations have been gathered together by my colleagues. One of them had kindly gathered them into this beautiful display and I thought it was worth sharing with you all.


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Hello community


So you want to provide someone with the HTML version of your email or landing page. Unfortunately if your emails and landing pages are tokenize, when you save the HTML, you get the tokens instead of the content.


To get the HTML from email you create in your program, you probably have used the feature "download HTML".

download html.PNG

This works fine if your email is not tokenized. if it is you will see the tokens instead of the content of the token.tokens.PNG below


So what is the solution to get it done? Well, it is certainly not straightforward but it is simple once you know the solution.

Viewing  the email in a browser, then copy the HTML seems to work as well. but I prefer to check the HTML in a HTML editor, to make I get the result that is expected.


Let's dive in to see how this can be done:

Preview email.PNG

    • Right click on the email
    • Select View Frame Source (not page source)

view frame source.PNG

    • A new window opens in your browser
      • Copy ALL HTML code.
        • here is an extract


    • Paste the full code into your HTML editor
    • Save the file as single HTML
      • in Microsoft expression, I do not save the image locally as those a linked to Marketo so they would load regardless.
    • You are done.
    • Now you can share your the HTML of your email or landing page easily.





Now your can share the HTML of your email or landing page to anyone who wish to use in their own automation tools or so other platforms.

Some of you share the pain of having to import contacts into Marketo that contain special characters.

The fix to get these inserted correctly into Marketo & your CRM system is to save the CSV with UTF8 formatting.


Unfortunately Excel does not allow direct saving of CSV files with UTF8 so the work around I used so far was to save the excel file as a csv, open it in Notepad and saving it again with UTF8 formatting.


Doing this a couple of times is time consuming so I searched the internet and found this Add on for Excel which allows you to directly save csv files with UTF8 formatting.


Installing it will add another Tag to your excel instance called “Unicode csv” that contains 2 new Save buttons.