• Marketing Automation COE

    To set up a center of excellence for Marketing automation within the organization,the initial areas can be identified as below: Talent up-scaling and capability building - Make sure the current workforce has the capa...
    Abhishek Chandra
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  • Job Posting: CRM Manager at San Manuel Casino

    Under the direction of the Director of Database Marketing, the Client Relationship Management (CRM) Manager will be responsible for working with marketing directors and other property leaders and leading CRM projects ...
    Maile Kaulukukui
    created by Maile Kaulukukui
  • Email Marketing Manager / Head of Marketing Automation Job in Los Angeles

    Why We Love Our Job CareerArc is on a mission to help companies recruit talent better, transition their workforce more effectively, and enhance their employer brand. After all, companies are made up of people. Every d...
    Yair Riemer
    created by Yair Riemer
  • Ready to check in with your LA MUG colleagues? See you this Thursday!

    Hope you can all join us this Thursday, Nov 15th, at 2pm at the Downtown LA Sheraton Grand!   If you are in the area, this should be an amazing event! CMO of Integrate, Scott Vaughn, has a great interactive ses...
    Kim Bodemar
    created by Kim Bodemar
  • Email and Page Developer (Manager) for highly creative and scalable system

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    Josh Hill
    created by Josh Hill
  • CRM Marketing Manager in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach

    Hi there,   PeerStreet is looking for an outstanding CRM marketing manager with experience in marketing automation systems to continuously market to our customer base across multiple marketing channels. The ideal...
    Michael Loop
    created by Michael Loop
  • Are there any L.A users here in the Santa Monica area?

    Hello,   Was wondering if anyone works remote in the Santa Monica area? Would be great to meet up and collaborate. Sometimes its easier to work with others in person and pick each other's brain.   Anyone...
    Melissa Payo
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  • LoadSpring's Most Wanted: Marketo Certified RockStar!

    LoadSpring Solutions in  is looking for a #fearlessmarketer to join our San Diego/Carlsbad area RockStar team! Impress the pants off us with that dynamite resume and your unstoppable can-do attitude. Come join th...
    Briana Beatty
    created by Briana Beatty
  • User group meeting coming up in March

    Hey all,   Sorry we've been a little behind.   We have speakers lined up for March!   Stay tuned.   Oh and start booking your travel for summit, we will see you there as well!
    Darrell Alfonso
    created by Darrell Alfonso
  • What is everyone using to clean their database?

    Are you guys using Data.com? Outsourcing?   Specifically for identifying bad email addresses, employees that have left the company, overall bad data.   Thanks!   Madhu Gulati Prash Shenoy Inactive ...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • Email Marketing Manager @ Playboy Industries

    Hey LA User Group! Wanted to put an opportunity in here for all of you to check out. Playboy is hiring an Email Marketing Manager in lieu of a Marketo evaluation. Description below.   Overview: Playboy is one of ...
    Riley Gallivan
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  • LA MUG Oct 11th in Santa Monica - save the date

    Just want to give you guys a heads up that we've confirmed speakers and venue for an LA MUG in Santa Monica, at approx 5 pm.   Save the date! Still working on the RSVP page.   Taryn Spiller Synthia Salas ...
    Darrell Alfonso
    created by Darrell Alfonso
  • lead scores getting too high

    If there are super engaged leads, but they don't respond or move to the next stage, and their score gets really high, like 400 or 500, do you have a program that automatically brings them down?   Like resets to...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • LA Marketo MUG coming up in September

    Just wanted to let you guys know we are planning something for September.   I am hoping it will be an on-site live meeting, and a member has offered up their office as space. If anyone else is willing to host, p...
    Darrell Alfonso
    created by Darrell Alfonso
  • Looking for meeting venues + speakers who would like to share

    Hi LA MUG,   We need to find venue options (your company office would be great!) to host on on-site meetup.   Also, whether on-site or virtual, please let me know if you would like to consider topics to sp...
    Darrell Alfonso
    created by Darrell Alfonso
  • Hiring 2 positions!

    Hi everyone my company in Irvine, CA is hiring for two positions that require Marketo experience.   Growth Marketing Manager Marketing Automation and Conversion Specialist   Please pass these postings al...
    John Westley
    created by John Westley
  • Examples of cadence and content for "introduction" drip campaigns

    I'm building new sales development drip campaigns for targeted leads at our named/key accounts.   I'd love to brainstorm with others as to what is working and what isn't...   Any examples and tips anyone ...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • Has anyone used the Knak master template?

    We don't have Knak yet, but are losing some developer resources for a bit.   The template that I really want is the new master template because it seems you can do pretty much anything with it.   Anyone us...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • What does your progressive profiling progression look like?

    Interested to see what everyone is capturing right off the bat, and then the subsequent visits?   Our first form is Name Company Title Email   Then comes number of employees and industry.   H...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • Make sure to join the LA Marketo Linkedin Group

    Hey Group,   Make sure to click here: LA Marketo Linkedin Group   For some of you that do not receive notifications and announcements from the community group, you can follow all the updates about events ...
    Darrell Alfonso
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