• Marketing Automation - Tools to set-up complete ecosystem

    As a marketer, we come across different technologies on daily basis, we also know that technology is ever evolving field and something new is getting developed as you read this article. There are various tools develop...
    Abhishek Chandra
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  • Video: Tips and Tricks on how to get the most out of the Marketo community online

    Hey Los Angeles Friends,   I recently published this video on how to use the Marketo commmunity: Tips & Tricks to Get More From the Marketo Community Online    Hope you find it helpful.   H...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • Summit 2018 University Day Single Day Pass Now Available!

    In California but can’t make it to the full four days of Summit? Marketo University is thrilled to announce that we are now offering University Day Single Day Pass for the Marketing Nation Summit 2018!   Th...
    Marketo University
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  • How Marketo Determines Where a Person is in a Stream

    Hey all, I'm sharing this in hopes of it being helpful or confirming my findings.   I recently ran into a problem where I had a huge chunk of people that did not make it into the first cast of a stream, but we di...
  • Tracking Generic Forms on Landing Pages without URL UTM Parameters

    I wanted to share a step-by-step on our solution to track multiple landing pages with a Person Attribute Field while using one generic form, without relying on URL UTM parameter. I hope this will be helpful to anyone ...
  • 4 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Scoring Program

    Here’s a quick look at my findings from optimizing our lead scoring model over the past few months. Comment below to add your own thoughts and feedback.   4 Actionable Tips:   1. Translating the sco...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • My Insider Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Marketing Nation Community

    I’ve spent a lot of time tinkering here and there in the Marketo community, and it has greatly benefited me – both in terms of rapid learning and making new connections.   Here are some of my own pe...
    Darrell Alfonso
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  • 3 Ways to Bring Lost Leads Back Into Your Revenue Pool

    Companies are attributing close to 25% of sales to the email marketing channel and are working hard to improve on those results. Every day email marketers are throwing away valuable leads – leads that could resu...
    Madhu Gulati
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