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Video: Tips and Tricks on how to get the most out of the Marketo community online

Blog Post created by Darrell Alfonso Champion on May 20, 2018

Hey Los Angeles Friends,


I recently published this video on how to use the Marketo commmunity: Tips & Tricks to Get More From the Marketo Community Online 


Hope you find it helpful.


Hear are some the the key take-aways:


  1. Use the main search at the top right hand corner versus any other search
  2. Bookmark Product docs, Marketo University and Job Opportunities
  3. Make sure to FOLLOW your favorite places, like Job Opportunities and your User Group
  4. When using search, take into account these three things
    1. Better to use keyword search than long tail search
    2. Reference the "helpful" tags
    3. Keep in mind that posts published several years ago may not be relevant today
  5. When asking questions, include screenshots and be as descriptive as possible
  6. When browsing blog posts, use the "filter by author" feature to have a much more manageable view
  7. When playing the Marketo community game to earn points, go for the big badges that are worth a lot of points, and always take advantage of the badges that can be earned multiple times.