How Marketo Determines Where a Person is in a Stream

Blog Post created by 57dc7a8107b6a270ba91a88a0788989755d39c55 on Nov 16, 2017

Hey all, I'm sharing this in hopes of it being helpful or confirming my findings.


I recently ran into a problem where I had a huge chunk of people that did not make it into the first cast of a stream, but we didn't want them to have to wait until the next cast (1 week) to receive Content Program 1.


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.58.27 PM.png


This is going to get convoluted so you can skip it if you want to: We ended up inserting a dummy Content Program 2 for the people in the first cast to move onto (just a wait flow step action), and running the cast again to send to the people who missed it. For the second cast, we removed the dummy Content Program 2 but had concerns about the people in there not moving on to the real Content Program 2 correctly (the original first cast recipients).


I emailed Marketo Support and they confirmed that even though I removed the content program, the people would remain in the stream and they would receive the next content program in the progression as normal.


In the process, I was testing and trying to figure out how Marketo tracks where a person is in the stream so I could reinsert the people from the removed content program back into the cast at the right spot if need be. I found that Marketo does so by checking to see if a person is a member of the content program or the smart campaign that sends the email.


For example, I added my test email to the engagement stream > Content Program 1 > Status = Sent, and when I tested the cast it started the test email on Content Program 2.


In my second test I removed the test email from the content program memberships for Content Program 1 and 2, but when I tested the cast again it started the test email on Content Program 3 because the test email was still a member of the send smart campaign within, and you can't remove people from smart campaign membership.


Has anyone come to a similar conclusion, or have information that is different or expanding on this?