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I’ve spent a lot of time tinkering here and there in the Marketo community, and it has greatly benefited me – both in terms of rapid learning and making new connections.


Here are some of my own personal tips to help you get even more out of the Marketo community.


1. Post a Question – Make it a daily routine


From a learning perspective, posting everyday has helped me tremendously.  First, it gets me in the habit of visiting the community and interacting with others. Second, it encourages me to uncover any gaps in knowledge that I have that could be useful as it applies to my work and my company. An easy way to get started is to ask the question “What Marketo-related obstacles am I facing now that others could help me with?” Don’t worry about asking beginner-type questions: the marketo community is for novices, gurus, and everyone in between. Community members are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise!


So, put it on your daily to-do list to think about your current projects and initiatives, ask others for their opinions, or how they implemented similar projects in their businesses.  As icing on the cake, posting a question/discussion and categorizing it with tags earns you 35 points (10 points for the post, 25 for the Tag Your It badge).


2. Try to answer a question or make a comment everyday


At first, answering questions and offering your comments may seem daunting, especially if you compare yourself to Marketo super experts who have been in the biz for years. Just remember that every instance of Marketo is unique, and while there may be only one correct answer to specific product questions, everyone can have a valuable and fresh perspective when it comes to strategy and best practices. 

Also worth mentioning is that members love it when you put a different spin or perspective to problems. Common cases I see include “How do I do X?” After the question is correctly answered, another member will put forward “Well you could actually accomplish the same thing by doing Y, and it may be less of a hassle than X.” This just goes to show that another set of eyes can really make a difference.


3. Peruse the blog posts in both the Marketing and Product Places


The blog posts here tend to be very operational and hands-on in nature compared to Marketo’s other content blogs and thought leadership sections on the main site.  If you go back through the blog archives you are likely to find a step-by-step guide to solving a problem you are currently working on.

Here are a few gems I found quickly by going through the back log:


4. Revisit the Skill Builder Videos


Located here:

Recently, Marketo has really adopted a new “sharing is caring” mentality around their fantastic recorded training videos. Historically, besides the very basics, most of this content was only available with a Marketo Learning Passport through Marketo University which was available at an extra cost.  Some very new and relevant content such as how to migrate emails, create lead scoring with tokens, and manage Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns with Marketo are now available in Skill Builder.


5. Mark Answers as “Correct” and “Helpful”


If you have ever gone searching for the answer to an obscure problem you are having, you’ll notice that there are tons of discussions and even more comments and answers.  The visual cues that distinguish the salient comments from the sea of questions and clarifying remarks are the Correct and Helpful buttons. You can quickly pick out questions that have been answered correctly by looking for the “green checkmark” above questions in the search results – the questions with “helpful” comments are also easily picked out in the search results and can help get to the answer to your question faster. So, give back, pay-it-forward, help others and yourself by marketing answers as Correct and/or Helpful if appropriate.


6. Scope out all the “Places” Marketo community has to offer


There have been some changes recently to the navigational layout of the Marketo community, so some “Places” that were usually very visible are now a lot harder to find. You can still view most of the existing places by clicked on “All Places” at the top left above the header (which is like a site tree sort of thing) and also by clicking on Subspaces. Here you can explore additional topics such as Women in Business, User Groups, Virtual User Groups, Marketo Summit talks, Certification Study Groups and more.


7. Post in Your User Group


Posting and checking for updates in your local Marketo User Group (MUG) is a great idea because it familiarizes you with other Marketo users in your community and you can engage in much more intimate discussions and breakout sessions since you will see the same community members over and over.  In addition to staying abreast of on-site meetups in your city, this is where you can see updates on road shows, events, job opportunities, all kinds of good stuff. Your posts will encourage other members to keep the conversation going, so add it to part of you weekly community routine!


That’s it for me, what about others' opinions? What other tips have you found helpful in interacting with the community?